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Intuit Team Employee Reviews

What are some of the best things about your team?

Support, help with customer issues for resolution, ability to decompress and share ideas to help for work.

Review from Customer Support Dept · Posted 17 days ago

Helpful, kind, smart and competent.

We support each other and are available to help whenever necessary.

Every morning we hold a meeting and there are various topics we discuss. I learn something new at each meeting.

We learn from eachother and support eachother.

How fast we move and our fantastic impact on Intuit.

Innovative, pushing envelope with high leverage across the company.

We work to serve our customers but have fun while we are doing it.

I like the peer group

Organized, flexible, supportive, encouraging, fun

my team are lovely people

Review from Design Dept

They all want to help each other succeed and even when problems arise, everyone takes it with positive attitudes. They often share new solutions to things and help out anyway they can

Most people are smart and fun. Not including leaders.

There are times we gave team outings which is pretty cool. Most coworkers are great.. at least the ones that do not try to backstab you

Still waiting to find out

Collaboration, hard working, chill and easy

Amazing and talented folks who deliver awesome results

Everyone is a high performer and you’re surrounded by some of the smartest, most encouraging people in the industry. People support each o

Review from Marketing Dept

Genuinely want to see you succeed. Feedback is meant to improve you, and coworkers are on my side. One of mine took almost two hours out of his day to help me think through a problem.

Review from Marketing Dept

We, the DevP, Modern SaaS Kubernetes team is a group of high performing, get things done'ers

Review from Engineering Dept

What do your coworkers need to improve and how could you work together better?

Everyone needs to help everyone by doing their job that they are getting paid to do

Review from Customer Support Dept

Each one is different and has different deficits and skills, so I cant answer that.

Being transparent and accountable. Stop trying to manipulate the information to sell serve and align with larger company goals

Review from Marketing Dept

better leadership and a strong consistent vision would be highly welcomed here.

Review from Design Dept

Be smarter and have fewer meetings

Review from Engineering Dept

Raise the average talent level & expect more from coworkers

Review from Marketing Dept

I cant say anything to my coworkers. Everyone is good.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Free thinking is frowned upon

Review from Customer Support Dept

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In the Top 10% of 1633 similar size companies on Comparably


In the Top 35% of 764 companies in San Francisco


4th place versus 4 competitors rated on Comparably

Intuit's team score is currently ranked in the Top 10% of similar sized companies on Comparably and placed 4th among its competitors. 87% of Intuit employees look forward to interacting with coworkers while 76% believe their company meetings are effective. Among the various teams at Intuit, the Engineering department ranks the highest in team score.

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  • Department - Engineering
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