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Lockheed Martin Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

Working alongside my coworkers and being able to talk/laugh with them while we complete our work.

Posted a month ago

Collaborating and innovating with others

Review from Engineering Dept

Working from home is great

Good work environment and good coworkers

the day to day successes

Just driving to work each day.

Review from IT Dept

to keep learning and mastering different jobs.

People who are friendly and communicate intelligently with others. Dealing with people who are honest and forthright with no hidden agendas. Observable technical competence and a willingness to learn and share information with colleagues.

Helping the young engineers turn their ideas into solutions. Meeting the objectives of the leadership team.

Review from Engineering Dept

Not having to work on Friday?

The thing that makes me happy at work is the quality product that is produced each day.

The office environment and work flexibility

Troubleshooting technical problems or teaching technical subjects to co-workers

Seeing what I worked on succeed, and come to life

Salary is the best part

I enjoy connecting with coworkers and my employees, all good people

Successful and positive performance reviews

Review from Finance Dept

Leaving at the end of the day,

Review from Engineering Dept

The work and the people I work with.

Review from HR Dept

I like engaging with my team.

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Too many employees in same position. I know some employees have 5 bosses.

Posted 8 days ago

You care more about stock holders and keeping them happy the you completely forgot the people who made the company what it is

bloated big male dominated company from the past can't compete in the new environment

Compensation for inflation. Compensation for driving our own vehicles on the job. Compensation for using our personal phones for the job. A better Lead. and overall discipline for the employees that don't do the job.

Employees go to work because they have bills to pay. It's not a laid back culture. Employees are not comfortable with each other to feel at ease at work. Perhaps team building meetings and happy hours can help. The company culture alone needs to shift starting from higher leadership

Demand accountability from program management and prove they have the ability to manage effectively.

Review from Engineering Dept

Company doesn't care about its people. Medical coverage is outrageously expensive. They are horrible about finding new contracts for high quality employees when contracts are at an end.

Review from Engineering Dept

Poor management / leadership / organization. Too liberal.

Review from Product Dept

equality among the employees, The organization is one of the best in the world, but the aeronautic company in Marietta Georgia needs to just be overhauled! no integrity

Review from Operations Dept

No accountability people do what they want

Review from Operations Dept

Inner structure of teams and their leadership

Review from Engineering Dept

low work and 9 hrs a day do not make an employee happy

Review from Operations Dept

Adding more layers of management, most of whom are just managers, never were workers or supervisors = no understanding of impact of decisions

Review from Operations Dept

Suspicion and rumors rule the day, very unpleasant place to work

Review from Operations Dept

STOP TAKING AWAY FROM US! Treat us like adults, let us do our job and set back and enjoy.

Review from Product Dept

The company has no concern for deep technical competence and treats employees as all interchangeable. Executive management is more focused on selling a program than being able to execute that program. Managers should have to be technically competent in the fields they’re managing.

Review from Engineering Dept

Too much overhead, not enough focus on people who build airplanes

Review from Operations Dept

Weather workers are young or nearing retirement treat them equally.

Review from Engineering Dept

Old practice elitism is prolific. Change is hard to encourage and leadership is cowardly.

Review from Engineering Dept

I want to feel more valued.

Review from Product Dept

What do you like best about your company?

The pay and benifits

Technology I work with

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Managers need better training they are all over the place


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