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The Home Depot Compensation Employee Reviews

What is the best part about your compensation package?

As a Specialist its very basic pay. We are paid hourly and no comissions . Not even a yearly increase . Surviving because husband is in IT .Cannot afford to live on my pay

Posted 21 days ago

Its pretty decent overall yeab

Posted 21 days ago

The Vision, 401k, and bonuses.

Posted 25 days ago

It is fair for a common retail job such as this one and hence I take no issue with it.

Posted a month ago

Matching funds for retirement account

Just the package itself and all the benefits.

Review from Operations Dept

Very helpful for others that can't get benefits.

401K, buy stock, bonos and incentives

The equity and options are the best parts of the compensation.

you can be part of the hd stock, benefits are pretty good

Review from Design Dept

Stock discount 401k medical perks

Great binus and we getvit every year

401 k but they have so many but I'm satisfied with it

Review from Product Dept

My family is civered and i have option to engance my benefits

Stock grants and vesting plan

Retirement health benefits stock vacation

Family benefits, I've never had a job care about my family

The wide ranging number of benefits

Health insurance, discounts on travel

Succes sharing twice a year

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

Better base, transparency of salary among peers, visibility to pay grade and range

Posted 17 days ago

No time devoted to detailed training. You train yourself and do your best and suffer the criticism. Treat employees that are working below poverty wages with some credit for showing up.

Posted 21 days ago

$20 an hour minimum. Respect for the work I do.

Posted 21 days ago

They are hiring new employees and paying them more than the existing employees expected to train them. Horribly unethical work practice, breeds toxicity.

Review from Customer Support Dept · Posted a month ago

16/hour while dealing with racist and non vaccinated customers. Hard physically demanding work.

I am ask to do tasks that do not fall under my job description if we are understaffed.

Most of us work so hard to make sure we meet goals and exceed them when possible. But we're under paid dramatically

Review from Executive Dept

Work really hard. Got hurt lifting too much and no one even ask me if I was Ok few days later. But they expect you to work without breaks and lunch sometimes and just don't acknowledge anything you do. 90% of the employees feel this way at the store I work at.

As a woman I do most of the heavy lifting and extra work to make sure that our department stays looking good when the men are mostly disabled and have excuses and talk mostly to other employees it is just not fair also it is about the customer and the store when I ask for help it is not for myself

I would like to be paid more than 14.00 per hour

When i have worked for the company for 6 years and they keep me as cashier when im trained/positioned in another department. Im not getting payed enough for the work i do.

6 month increases starting now

Over 20 years with company . New hires make about the same as I do

I constantly have to make up for the lack of effort for other associates the cuts into my task. When I finish the others' task I am reprimanded on not managing my time well. Not only do the lazy senior associates make more while doing less the new associates make more on day one.

Id like to be taken a little more valuable. More recognition for hard workers like myself.

I have worked there for 2 months almost and I have already gotten 20 cred card sign up, I totally feel unappreciated and under valued

Review from Customer Success Dept

I'm used to $20-25 an hour. I'm getting $15 (better than nothing), but it hinders my goals and keeps it impossible to pay bills outside of doing anything else. Extra pay means a better quality of life.

I feel as though plenty of associates would love full time work for home depot its great being here but the downfall of not giving enough hours or enough money is kind of disappointing when you have home equity to take care of as well as children

Higher pay in line with industry standard

Low pay for making the money to pay the management

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1927 employees at The Home Depot score their wages and compensation a B on average. As a testament to this, when employees are asked “Do you believe you're paid fairly?”, 63% say Yes. The HR department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 93/100, a full 39 pts above the Communications department. If you want detailed data about The Home Depot's wages, see the <a href="">wage breakdown by department, job titles, locations, and more.</a>

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