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The Home Depot Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

What meets me happy when I work for the company assisting customers and making sure there's needs are met. Connecting with link minded like myself

Posted 22 days ago

Fling the shelfs so customers can find items

Posted 25 days ago

The people I work with and the fun tasks that are given to me like picking up garbage out back or out front and being able to throw the bag down the chute.

Posted a month ago

The end of my shift.

Review from Customer Support Dept · Posted a month ago

flexible work hours and good support from everyone.

enjoying what I do. It is basically fun to come to work

When I am able to feel welcomed within my store which is not very often.

Interacting with my co workers and stocking because I can avoid my managers since their always angry or never satisfied with my work.

Review from Operations Dept

Mostly the daily customer interactions

Review from Executive Dept

Working with other seasoned employees...

My coworkers make me the most happy

Customers. Give me more haha they help the day go by fast and most are extremely friendly.

Review from Design Dept

They over pay me weekly

Helping the customers return their items

My coworkers and the ability to help people find the product they're looking for, and more.

That the work day ends

Accomplishing a project. Not an easy task anymore with so few employees

The profit sharing benefits are awesome

Love the hour before store closes and talking to customer

Review from Product Dept

The employees that have been there a few years have great work ethic and attitude.

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

The employees inside have no discipline because they all just bow down to their managers so the managers never do anything bad to them

Posted 14 days ago

Not enough people show up to meet demands of so called leads. The best are actively looking for a better job.

Posted 21 days ago

Workers with knowledge and positive work ethic

Our store is rated high as far as sales, but I watch them lose thousands and customers daily. Employee retention horrible. Customer service ratings really bad. But that is because of the poorly managed departments. Also orders are never where they are supposed to be. Wrong things getting delivered

Customer service is almost nonexistent at Home Depot they have one person covering hardware one person covering electrical, one person covering plumbing and they have to cover 6 to 8 aisles each. I see customers waiting 10 minutes for an associate to come help them because they have three other peo

A Home Depot needs a lot more training communication to further their company. Management is very bad on communicating with their associates and talking down on them making them feel bad. All they care about is their bonuses and how much money the stores making. They don't care about their employees

Review from Sales Dept

The executive team is not on board to comply with the mandates of the company.

customer service is bad and management

Review from Sales Dept

Pay tour employees fairly and actually listen to them.

Better leadership and better assumption of responsibility when things are wrong and held up for questioning

Need knowledgeable people with actual experience in the dept they work in. Its hard to teach a 18 year old kid electricity or plumbing when he has no hands on experience. This makes customers very upset.

Not enough people because management isn't seeing the example not taking care of their employees. Employees aren't doing their job fully so it affects everything else. Systems aren't updates as wel as computers

Review from Customer Support Dept

More focus on having quality relationships dwith customers

Lack of staffing, lack of support from management on irrate customers

Appliance deliveries are the worst... get a new company

While there are occasional morning associate meetings those that work routinely at other times are not EVER communicated with regarding the subject of those meetings leaving the associate feeling like they are NOT part of a team.

Review from Operations Dept

People are trying to force me out of the store, hostile work environment and bias higher ups. Investigation.

Review from Sales Dept

trump affiliation is a big issue; people are beginning to accuse him for failures in economy, company is not forward thinking on it technology and it shows in the sloppiness of the stores. clean up our act and get a new ceo under the age of 80 for god sakes

Review from Customer Support Dept

I am looking to go anywhere else

Review from Sales Dept

Service and more hors to care for customers

What do you like best about your company?


My coworkers because they make The Home Depot feel like a second home.

The fact that each day I go in I know I am working the best I can and feel as though I accomplished my tasks.

My co workers, and the benefit package

Availability of products I use at home

Review from Product Dept

Tbe managers and bosses are all very understanding with whats going on with you outside of work, so taking time off is not made difficult at all

My fellow associates and the understanding if having to change my work schedule

I love my co-workers and the fact that I am only a mile and a half from work... Very convenient.

Review from Operations Dept

My managers are fun positive friendly people.

Review from Operations Dept

Being empowered to help the customer.

Review from Customer Support Dept

the people the work as team and leaders

Review from Operations Dept

Their suppose of our military.

Review from Customer Support Dept

That it continues to be successful in a tough economic environment

Review from Engineering Dept

The small group I work with.

Not much it pays the bills

Review from Communications Dept

Love the autonomy for this size of company.

Review from Design Dept

PTO, Profit Sharing,

Review from Sales Dept

The company honors military veterans and employees also.

Review from Sales Dept


Review from Customer Support Dept

Secure place to work most times

What would you most like to see improved at your company?


A greater focus on departmental training.

I would like to see the raise increase go up as I know we all deserve more pay.

Our store manager care more about his people and less about how good they can make him look.

Some of the management needs to be evaluated.

Review from Product Dept

Maybe a better pay per qualification

Pay, communications, pay, commutation, and real recognition

Consistency of management messaging

Review from Engineering Dept

When the managers really start listening to their employees

opportunities for minorities

Review from Product Dept

More leadership roles. Manager's & Lead's have too many direct reports

Review from Design Dept

More employee coverage

Review from Sales Dept

Make it easier to move up in the company


Review from Customer Support Dept

Team building

Benefits, less process and hierarchy

Base compensation.

Review from Marketing Dept

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