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The Home Depot Team Employee Reviews

What are some of the best things about your team?

They actually help me to learn new things and teach me new stuff about my jov

Posted 14 days ago

Happy smart people . Except the Department supervisor all others are great

Posted 20 days ago

Those who want to work hold up the management and try to hold others to the same standards.

Posted 25 days ago

While some could do better at communicating, they are always very cordial and helpful which is just about all I can ask for in a coworker.

Posted a month ago

My teammates, peer associates are great people.

Review from Customer Support Dept · Posted a month ago

they believe in we rise by lifting others.

We all get along together and work respectfully

My co workers are super helpful and always willing to lend a hand when the managers are just annoyed or won't help at all.

Review from Operations Dept

We understand we are our own support system

Review from Executive Dept

The people that have been around a while are pretty great to work with but most of the newer ones especially nowadays are the laziest bunch of kids I've seen in a long time, they don't want to work at all they just want to goof off and get paid for it.

They are all friendly and helpful.

We the employees stick together and try to help each other and do the best we can with what we have.

The team itself is awesome.

Hardworking, critical thinkers as design specialists

Review from Design Dept

They are young and funny. They remind me of being under 20 years old

The respect and kindness they come into work with each day

We are like really close on night shift help each other out when needed and manager is hard worker well all employees are in whole store

Review from Product Dept

Work together as tem and support each other

Things in common and a hate of work

Benefits. Monthly/holiday catered Meals. They seem to care.

What do your coworkers need to improve and how could you work together better?

Honestly I think the whole company of home depot needs to have more topics and discussions about the LGBTQ. I want to be in an environment we're im celebrated not tolerated

Posted 22 days ago

Hire older people as much as possible

Get held accountable, lots of associates doing nothing and very few gave to take up the slack

Associates that refused to work are coddled and never held accountable. Stop placing lazy associates in high paced departments not only do the employees suffer but the customers do. Our work has to be completed in a timely manner but it has to be done with a least a little bit of care.

As a new employee, you are constantly tossed around from person to person asking questions and asking for people who operate certain equipment. Often times its like searching for the holy grail trying to find the right person you need and it feels like no one wants to help if they dont have to.

More training and communication from management support.

Review from Sales Dept

See this company as an opportunity to grow, seeing the same quality of work I provide.

Actaully stand up to management.

My team members are great. Its the store sales side & management

They need to stop hitting me

They need to work instead of looking for relationships. They need to focus on working instead of trying to flirt with us guys

The problem is the work ethic and knowledge. Most don't have a clue how to fix anything in your home. They tell customers what they want to hear and are wrong. So then the customer has to come back and return product and are upset. They others spend their time on their phone or hiding.

They are extremely nosy, suspicious, and more concerned with how I am doing and what I am doing in my job. They should be paying attention to their own jobs. They should learn to work better as a team. They should respect my experience and let me show them how I get things accomplished.

Everytime i call lumber to ask for help with the forklift i get attitude back and so i just brush it off because they might be having a rough day

Stop being lazy and do the work

product knolwage and how to help people

I just want them to pull their weight. Some of them do while others go to the bathroom frequently or play on their phones.

They need to actually want to do their jobs.

Better communication and more accountability

Organization and stretching every morning

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