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Walmart Compensation Employee Reviews

What is the best part about your compensation package?

6% company matching in stock

Posted 10 days ago

Hourly wage is pretty decent

Posted 15 days ago

The co pays arent bad

Posted 15 days ago

401k participation and company match from day one, employee stock purchase, Walmart+ membership, and employee discount.

Posted 17 days ago

Stock purchase plan and 401k

Posted 20 days ago

Haven't really thought about it

Posted 21 days ago

Vacation, personal day, benefit plan, .... I have just worked for 6months. That's all I could share.

Posted 25 days ago

It's fair that's all I have to say about this

Posted a month ago

My bonus is definitely the best.

Salary is good market is matched

im not really sure about my compensation package

it's good to have, especially when you dont have it

Perks and benefits with good hike

Benefits and paid leave with also vacation times

I Dont Do Package I Work In A Different Department

free college education immediately after being hired

The 401k, the college opportunities, and the stock investment

The PTO that you can use whenever you want to

The health insurance is the best part

I can contribute up to 50% of my pay to the company 401k AND after a year Walmart contributes 6%....dollar for dollar and no vesting period! This is one of the BEST 401k plans I have ever com across.

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

We make only 12 an hour and the cost of living went up and no bonuses if your not a team leader or in management

Posted 11 days ago

Need to pay Apperal more money 12 an hour is not good pay when you put your life on the line with Covid still out there

Posted 11 days ago

I am currently doing the job that 3 people are supposed to be doing so I need more coworkers or to be paid for the job of 3 people.

Posted 12 days ago

Being payed the same as everyone else across the country doing the same job i am. Insurance that actually covers your medical Expenses. Expenses

Posted 18 days ago

I feel undervalued because we're consistently overworked on the night shift. We get paid alright, but not fairly for the work we're expected to do.

Posted 19 days ago

better pay twelve an hour is not enough

Posted a month ago

Because the managers create me to feel undervalued.

Posted a month ago

Not much acknowledgement from store manager

Posted a month ago

If I got paid more for the amount of work I put in and the stress it takes.

Review from Sales Dept · Posted a month ago

Pay me the money you said you would pay me and let me work the shift again YOU said I would be working.

Posted a month ago

I use this as a stepping stone this is a terrible company to work for

Posted a month ago

Cause when new employees come a In and make more than you when they first start. Need to adjust the pay of those that have been there 5,10,yrs and so forth.

Just more respect and compensation for the hard work that i put in while everyone that works on the inside has ac and barley deals with customers

they work their assosiates to the ground and get upset if you call in, even for a justifiable reason

Everyone gets paid the same no matter how good your resume is. I feel like im worth more an hour because i come in when asked or stay late when asked and no management have to be behind me due to my job performance.

we are working to cover 5 or 6 position and you earn for 1.

Because of you have hard workers get treated like crap and the crappy workers get away with everything I wish I could go back the way you used to be back in the day

Better raise, more hours, better training, appreciation and bonuses

I shouldn't have to train the people coming above me and not be paid for it.

For the amount if performance espected and the volume of endless freight with no staff help under employeed under paid and over loaded is comsideres slavery in my opinon and not a company that represents America and its loyal team members . Its a hostile environment and grueling over nite.

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5455 employees at Walmart score their wages and compensation a C on average. As a testament to this, when employees are asked “Do you believe you're paid fairly?”, 55% say Yes. The Business Development department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 80/100, a full 33 pts above the Customer Success department. If you want detailed data about Walmart's wages, see the <a href="">wage breakdown by department, job titles, locations, and more.</a>

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