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Walmart Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

I love meeting new people, being around people and trying to hit them have a better life! Help them Have a better experience at Walmart, So they will come again! I want them to remember me! Personally

Review from Legal Dept · Posted 4 days ago

Meeting and talking with the Friendly Customer

Posted 5 days ago

teaching and training and helping associates with their problems

Posted 7 days ago

Customers saying hi and that their happy to come to the store.

Review from Customer Support Dept · Posted 9 days ago

Salary, Freedom to experiment and recognition

Review from Engineering Dept · Posted 12 days ago

Honestly, when coworkers are friendly and not rude. And when the managers give off less "bully" vibes. That would boost my morale more when at work. However with that being said, a job is a job. I'm there to work, and I'll do what I'm there to do, even if I don't look forward to it sometimes.

Posted 14 days ago

What would make me the most happy was if Walmart paid time and half if we work holidays

Posted 15 days ago

Opportunities to advance into management positions

Posted 15 days ago

To get responsibility and fairly costumer

Posted 19 days ago

Finally being able to clock out

Posted 23 days ago

Feeling like I'm part of something with a successfully outcome

Posted 24 days ago

Doing a good job and being told I'm appreciative d

Posted 24 days ago

the hours and getting paychecks afterwards

Posted 25 days ago

Getting large quantities of product out

Posted a month ago

Staying busy is what I like

Review from Sales Dept · Posted a month ago

The people I work with are great people

A new direction than previous job.

Being left to do my job

helping customers, making them smile or laugh, running after them to give them their groceries or change they left behind. achieving tasks quickly and making my managers proud. seeing my coworkers

Receiving stars and badges for a great job done.

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Better customer engagement, better zoning so customers can shop in a clean store and find what they need. Better MANAGMENT

Posted 4 days ago

We need positive reinforcement. Discipline has it’s place and time, but when nothing anyone does is never good enough and what is wrong is the ONLY focus…. Workers become drained and depressed. Then the company, associates and customers all suffer from the hostile environment.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Need to hire employees that actually want to work.

Management needs to actually interface with the lower rungs of the workplace and actually see what's possible and what's not. Numbers literally mean zip if one day there's 100's of customers on a "light" work day that everyone is helping, interrupting the entire process.

My coach to quick to find wrong in what we do instead a noticing the good

Review from Sales Dept

Coaches not working together too divided. Under those circumstances it causes everyone under them to be divided l.

The company needs to look broader at its workforce what actual experience people have and take it into further consideration. They need to for example if someone has years of experience in elec in another facility or this one or education in field they should take presidence over not in selection.

long lines and a lack of cashiers when it was overnight, Management was never around when there was a problem,

CORPORATE Management needs to work in a store to see HOW BAD there ideas are

Review from Finance Dept

High management nightmare and stark contrasts with either great or terrible coworkers

We need to rebuild from the top down

I hatye management at my store

Not enough workers to keep customers needs met. And many feel they are being forced to self checkout against their will due to few to even no cashiers at times. I am asked constantly by customers why they don't get a discount for scanning their own groceries in what should be a service industry.

customer service is terrible employees are over work and Walmarts focus is putting out freight even while customers are shopping they dont care sbout customer service

Review from Customer Success Dept

Going to leave after 15 years of work because of not getting a raise

Lack of pride in workmanship. Its just a job for the most part.

By management stop playing favoritism and actually doing their job

Our people lead informed us today that we would not be able to keep our jobs for much longer if we wasn't vaccinated. Please don't take my job!!! I am a good worker and I love my job.

Review from Product Dept

Start sending random people in their to check on your mangers walk around asking employeess what they think of their mangers with out them knpwing they are their to see how the work envorimant is

Review from Sales Dept

Need better management someone who cares about their employee's.

What do you like best about your company?

The opportunities available for growth and development.

The environment and helping people

Review from Customer Support Dept

They're everywhere. I could move almost anywhere in the world and keep my job.

I like the communication we have

Review from Customer Support Dept

they pay good and benefits are outstanding

Review from Operations Dept

Job security, oppurtunity and support for advancement, stock option

Quality service and good service quality

Review from Product Dept

Really good nice people and safe clean place to work

Review from Sales Dept

When I get my paycheck I’m very happy and motivat

Review from Sales Dept

That it is pretty laid back and the products.

I grew up at Walmart and I like the fact I know most the employees

Review from Sales Dept

Great team and great customer experience

Review from Customer Support Dept

The smiles and the respect

Review from Customer Support Dept

I like the option of stock

Co-workers and benefits you get dental and medical after a year.

Review from Sales Dept

I don't like anything about my company.

the management cares about the employees

Whenever i get my paycheck on payday.

It's always something different and new happening.

Review from Operations Dept

honestly the pay is the best thing

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Pay should be commensurate with the industry if not better, we can't keep good people

Review from Product Dept

More explanations of direction given to associates.

Fair compensation based on actual work performance and attendance, not whether you're a warm body or not.

The price on e the items needs to be a little clearer

Review from Customer Support Dept

not so many productive rules

Review from Operations Dept

Giving employees more consistency in work schedules

Quality service quality food quality service service quality

Review from Product Dept

More rases and time off

Review from Sales Dept

That the managers actually work our position sometimes so they can be more understanding.

Get rid of door greeters

Review from Sales Dept

Problem sovleing is the biggest problem

Review from Customer Support Dept

More customers! more sales and cheaper prices!

Review from Sales Dept

I would like to see pay improve a lot.

better compensation and benefits. More hours

I would like to see less favoritism.

The delegation of day to day duties being able to happen with compensation to those who are chosen to assist.

Review from Operations Dept

the way they choose department managers and higher paid people in general

benefits, compensation and customer surveys having weight on potential bonuses

I would like to see a whole new management team from the store manager to department managers.

hire more workers at the stores

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