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Acosta Compensation Employee Reviews

What is the best part about your compensation package?

I thinks it good overall

Posted 6 days ago

I only needed dental. But wish motus was a little better. If I drive over 601 miles its .13 a mile vs driving 600 miles at .23 a mile. You get paid more to drive less.

Review from Marketing Dept

medical benefits offered to employee and there dependents.

My salary and benefits are competitive.

Review from Operations Dept

Healthcare, 401k, and vacation time.

Review from Customer Support Dept

My quarterly bonuses always come in handy

Review from Sales Dept

Health Insurance, Vacation, Prescription program

Review from Sales Dept

Healthcare, 401 k family medical

Review from Marketing Dept

Base pay. Benefits ok, perks - raises, bonuses and management competence are nonexistent,

Review from Sales Dept

Good prices for me and my family

Review from Marketing Dept

Good pay for good performance

Review from Operations Dept

The best part of my compensation package is the number of vacation/personal/sick days I'm allowed each year.

Review from Marketing Dept

Mileage reimbursement is very fair and there are loads of perks available to Acosta employees. I just got a free flu shot and traveling discounts are a huge bonus to a family that vacation is unheard of among!

Review from Marketing Dept

vacation time, personal days and sick time off

Review from Sales Dept

The benefits are good for me.

The insurance is AMAZING, I had a child in a major accident and only ended up only paying $1,200 out of pocket!

Review from Sales Dept

The 6% match by Acosta for 401k.

Review from Sales Dept

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

An opportunity to proceed with my career. I haven't gotten any benefits

Posted 8 days ago

Human Resource offers no support in situations, yo will get voice mail 99 times out of 100

Posted 20 days ago

Stronger pension plan for Canadian employee

Be competitive with other companies

No raises and not even a thank you most of the time!

No raises or cost-of-living wage increases in 7+ years, despite always having high reviews and performance. We are continuously told that the company "didn't hit their numbers" despite always seems to have plenty of money for Acquisitions and increasing workload. I should be paid what I'm worth.

Ive worked there 3 years and never been given a raise. I asked for one and was told they would tequest it. I mentioned it a week later and they knew nothing about it.

I've worked there for a decade and they won't promote me, even though I have glowing recommendations, I'm a college graduate, all the necessary experience, and more. The compensation I want: Promotions, annual raises, benefits that cover all needs, instead of only a few, fair treatment/vacations.

Review from Sales Dept

Pay raises, this company already went under in 2019. They refuse to invest in their good people

Review from Marketing Dept

better work distribution and raises with company longevity

Review from Customer Support Dept

Lower pay than fast food. No commitment to or care for employees. Low pay, poor benefits, mileage reimbursement at $0.25-.30/mi at MOST, which is close to half the cost to operate your own vehicle, & employees are laid off with no notice or severance. Look elsewhere for respect & pay.

Review from Marketing Dept

the pay is below industry avg and they never give increases. no sick leave for part time.

Review from Sales Dept

There were never pay increases, until minimum wage was raised. When I reached my 3 year anniversary, I received a points gift card to redeem for cheap merchandise. I was supposed to receive another onbe after 5 years. I never did. I don't feel valued at all.

Review from Customer Support Dept

I work very hard.. Maybe too hard

Review from Marketing Dept

We make above minimum wage, but the way they want us to do our job really should be double what we make.

Review from Marketing Dept

more money of course. 'We don't have the budget for it'.

Review from Sales Dept

I haven't received a raise since I worked here. I have been working since 2011.

Review from Sales Dept

more money for experience , not just keeping it the same

Review from Customer Support Dept

I rank at the top of my division and yet find out new hires are being paid more than I.

Review from Sales Dept

No raises in 4 years to me others have not had one in 7yrs. they just want the work done and don't care about us.

Review from Customer Support Dept

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77 employees at Acosta score their wages and compensation a D- on average. As a testament to this, when employees are asked “Do you believe you're paid fairly?”, 38% say Yes. The Customer Support department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 62/100, a full 21 pts above the Sales department. If you want detailed data about Acosta's wages, see the wage breakdown by department, job titles, locations, and more.

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