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ADP Compensation Employee Reviews

What is the best part about your compensation package?

I would rate the bonuses.

Review from Customer Success Dept · Posted 15 hours ago

Annual bonus and a competitive salary

Review from Finance Dept · Posted 2 days ago

The aggressive yet attainable commission structure

Review from Sales Dept · Posted 4 days ago

Having benefits start on day one of employment. RRSP Match by company.

Review from Customer Support Dept · Posted 8 days ago

Decent medical options are available.

Review from Engineering Dept · Posted 9 days ago

Stock Purchase Plan and Restricted Rewards

Review from HR Dept · Posted 9 days ago

Restricted stock awards for the future

Review from Customer Success Dept · Posted 9 days ago

Stock option and knowledge based bonus

Review from Customer Support Dept · Posted 9 days ago

Paid time off accrual and low cost benefits

Review from Operations Dept · Posted 9 days ago

the employee stock purchase plan

Review from Admin Dept · Posted 9 days ago

bonuses, social insurance, merit raise

Review from HR Dept · Posted 9 days ago

Bonus structure and company stock purchase options

Review from Operations Dept · Posted 9 days ago

Buying additional holiday . .

Review from Finance Dept · Posted 9 days ago

Retirement package. Company benefits. Perks

Review from Product Dept · Posted 9 days ago

Our 401k Retirement Plan. ADP matches up to 6% of our contribution. It allows me to focus about the now without worrying about the future.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Stock options that I get as part of my role

Review from Operations Dept

As a company we are able to achieve a Win As One bonus by meeting corporate goals which makes each of us invested in our company to do well and meet its goals.

Review from Operations Dept

The 401k Plan and especially the 401k Match component

Review from Customer Success Dept

The health and 401k benefits.

Review from Customer Support Dept

the pay and added perks.

Review from HR Dept

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

Increases in pay are not even at the cost of living percentage increase rate.

Review from Business Development Dept · Posted 8 days ago

With the current market, people more junior are making what people who have been in workforce for some time are making. Need to look at tenure and skills for everyone and right size.

Review from HR Dept · Posted 9 days ago

higher pay and ubiquitous work from home policies.

Review from Design Dept

Equal Pay and Gender equality need to be looked at all levels

Review from IT Dept

I feel that A LOT of work goes in to the roles here, a lot to learn, a lot of systems, a lot of parts to each role. I definitely believe that "Entry Level" positions, are not necessarily that, and that pay should be higher for the job being done.

Review from Customer Support Dept

more paid holidays and time off - we should also push to a larger work at home population instead of handcuffing our recruiting efforts to oneADP locations

Review from Customer Success Dept

If you offer an target bonus you have to be prepared that everybody reach the goal or over act them. If you offer an win as one bonus a bonus , i.e. a profit share in the company's turnover, everyone should also participate. Target bonuses should not be excluded from this.

Review from Operations Dept

feeling like not getting better while compared with other companies

Review from Operations Dept

More benefits available for associates working in US

Review from Finance Dept

in fact my job position doesn't allow to me to involve the entire of my potential

Review from Executive Dept

I feel like I do not make enough to support my family. I should definitely be making more hourly. This is the lowest I have made hourly in a long time. Looking forward to a raise soon :) Staying optimistic that ADP rewards hard work!!

Review from Customer Support Dept

ADP should be able to show people's pay to prove that we provide equal pay for equal work. If we truly believe we pay for performance, why do we hide it, we should have reason to defend our pay for each person. Instead, I think we have disparity in pay and hide it to cover up that this exists.

Review from IT Dept

When comes to Compensation this company is not paying more to their employees, but from benefits standpoint this is the best company when compared to others.

Review from Operations Dept

Pay scaling and fair pay across roles

Review from Finance Dept

I don't get paid enough for all the work I do.

Review from Customer Support Dept

For it to be at the market rate

Review from Admin Dept

Pay raise should not be based on if your manager likes you. Should be based on the work you did for the year, not based on their input only concerning pay raises. Especially if they give raise to their favorite only not fair. ADP should just give everyone a cost-of-living raises.

Review from Customer Support Dept

The competition comes to us daily and or weekly to recruit, they are offering generous PTO, PAID benefits, and 100% work from home. We are losing good people and replacing with them with sub-par folks. We have to make some major changes. The fact my paycheck is less because of ins., is discouraging

Review from Customer Success Dept

Cost of living in the area should be taken into consideration

Review from Customer Support Dept

Not that I feel undervalued, just underpaid. Need higher base salary. Insurance is mediocre/average at best.

Review from Sales Dept

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644 employees at ADP score their wages and compensation an A on average. As a testament to this, when employees are asked “Do you believe you're paid fairly?”, 75% say Yes. The Marketing department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 88/100, a full 18 pts above the Design department. If you want detailed data about ADP's wages, see the <a href="">wage breakdown by department, job titles, locations, and more.</a>

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