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Amazon Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

Autonomy, trust, and the ability to build cool impactful stuff.

Review from Operations Dept · Posted 17 days ago

The colleagues are really nice and supportive

Review from Engineering Dept · Posted 20 days ago

I like pulling packages and pushing packages.

Posted 22 days ago

Some teammates are expert in their domains.

My colleagues I work with

The people tend to be talented, driven and passionate anout their work. Overall great partners

Knowing what my boss expects from me

Learning new things makes me happy at work

Review from Engineering Dept

Just knowing i have good benefits mostly lol

Review from Operations Dept

Knowing that I'm making someone's day by getting their orders ready!

Review from Customer Support Dept

Being able to get off work at 5

The benefits are good and fair

Being at a steady pace.

Review from Customer Success Dept

My coworkers make me most happy.

ability to engage with intelligent people everyday

Getting paid whenever the check hits

Helping the people get a job.

Being around positive people eho just want to have a good day like i do

Freindly coworkers and positive responses from managment

Review from Operations Dept

We were always engaged in supporting senior colleagues.

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

More appreciation at work and company's investment in skill development

Review from Operations Dept

Stop putting delivery drivers and others sharing the road with them at risk of catastrophic injury or sudden death.

They expect you to work like a machine. 10 hours of repetitive tasks with no social interactions at all. all in all this company does NOT care about its employees to them you're a cheap alternative to a robot that can do the same job.

Review from Operations Dept

Everyone herded like cattle- can’t piss or eat at break- running around finding answers- alll the fucking games- for what

Review from Operations Dept

Too much focus on frugality and profit. Not enough focus on sustainability in all aspects. Sustainable work environment, sustainable business. Everything is geared towards fast growth. Lots of churn. Employees do not stay longer than 2 years on average.

Review from Engineering Dept

Disability and leave services team is useless and adversarial.

Review from Engineering Dept

Allow a true 4 day work week & holidays Off!

Very poor manager training without any accountability. People are promoted to manager who lack the skills and incentives to manage.

Review from Operations Dept

All the software is legacy and enormous and the expectation is to learn everything yesterday and deliver even faster

Review from Engineering Dept

Better leadership and better pay for people with five years and better

No appreciation for the people that Keep that place running smooth even when there's a lack of employees in an overload of work on those that are still there

Prices are getting too gigh abd deliveries are not getting there in 2 days

I can't identify due to worries of backlash

Start treating employees better as employees are also your customers.

they need to treat employees like customers

Review from Operations Dept

Compensate employees with better PTO and pay

If you truly wish to improve a company put the people who truly wish to make it better in charge!

Review from Operations Dept

anyone above tier one acts like they think they are better than the rest of the associates. just because they have a vest they think they can treat others as lesser than, and sad thing is most of them have never even worked at amazon. they are outsourced/ college hires going straight to leadership.

They are not concerned about my safety and others they just want us to continue to show up to work.

More communication with management and goals numbers expectations

What do you like best about your company?

It offers more value to humanity than any other company.

Review from Operations Dept · Posted 17 days ago

Name recognition and the fact I am compensated at all

Review from Operations Dept

My company is work on perfect time and correctly design as well, but I want to make more then faster work at all.

Review from Design Dept

Remote work so thet i dont have to be immediately close to people that are microagressive and u can rest

Review from HR Dept

The opportunities available to everyone

The wonderful managers who have helped shape me.

Review from Business Development Dept

I feel Amazon is the company which knows how to make happy their employees even after taking hell out of work from. There is a famous quote, "Work hard, have fun, make history"

Customer obsession and use of certain frameworks.

Review from Product Dept

I like the break times

Review from Product Dept

The people. They are smart and talented.

Review from Engineering Dept

I was able to work in different areas of the operation

Review from Operations Dept

The flexibility of hours and support from others on my team

Review from Customer Support Dept

The challenge to get the mission completed everyday with changing variables.

Review from Customer Support Dept

The incentives we receive from them

Review from Operations Dept

The flexibility that they offer with my schedule

Review from Operations Dept

PTO,VTO,Great insurance,the freedom you have at work.

Review from Product Dept

It's a huge corporation that is doing well.

Review from Operations Dept

the opportunity to grow and change

Review from Finance Dept

So workers and job overall

Review from Marketing Dept

Variety of fields, easy to find new, interesting teams.

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Pay me more and stop making me jump through hoops

Review from Operations Dept · Posted 17 days ago

Replace the leaders with peer mentality; value and insist on diversity of thought through systemic shifts in how decisions are made

Review from Operations Dept

Actual diversity at the intersection of race. Deakinng with severe Hr issues and underleveling problems. Retaliation issues

Review from HR Dept

Better internal hiring process, and understanding that the Associates are not machine and they all operate at different levels in different positions.

Less of a cut-throat environment.

Review from Business Development Dept

More growth opportunities in some processes is needed, as the work is becoming monotonous, and I used to see my colleagues get stressed out at work many a times.

Leadership (skip level and above) should be more engaged with employees. They often make decisions without considering the negative, downstream impact.

Review from HR Dept

Better manager classes, teaching managers.

Work culture, better managers, and some employee focus.

Review from Product Dept

I would think i need to improve a little bit of everything

Review from Engineering Dept

We need more overtime hours

Review from Product Dept

annual pay raises and better benefits

Review from Operations Dept

Better training for overseas agents

Review from Customer Support Dept

Better communications - the ability to speak to American based customer service reps and corporate staff if escalation or feedback is needed.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Better bonus or incentives for production

Review from Operations Dept

Better working conditions

Less duplication of work

Review from Design Dept

Higher starting pay for veterans

Ability to cross train easier.

Health,dental,vision benefits increases to 75% -100%

Review from Marketing Dept

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