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Amazon Team Employee Reviews

What are some of the best things about your team?

Brilliant colleagues. Friendly people who respect you.

Review from IT Dept · Posted 9 days ago

Smart, easy to talk to, and they don’t judge. Also helpful.

Review from Operations Dept · Posted 17 days ago

Certainly trying to grow and do best for customers.

Posted 17 days ago

They all work at Amazon

Posted 17 days ago

Very helpful and friendly colleagues

Review from Engineering Dept · Posted 20 days ago

We are a supportive team. We get a lot done and work hard.

Posted 23 days ago

Teammates are competent and they are helpful.

Easy going, collaborative, smart, hard workers

We truly want to give the customer a great experience

They are all very passionate and inspiring in unique and individual ways

Review from Design Dept

Ownership, Collaboration and Deliver Results

Review from Product Dept

I love everything about my team

Review from Operations Dept

The Op managers and Pas are never scared to get their hands dirty. They always have our backs!

Review from Customer Support Dept

The folks are equally frustrated so we gel up well

Review from Operations Dept

Individuality . They don't make you join the crowd like high-schoolers. They leave you alone.

Great skills, very collaborative and hard workers.

Good co workers. They work hard

They are nice people. Glad i was hired with a good team.

Review from Customer Success Dept

Fortunate to have a strong team that will cover each other when on PTO.

Coworkers are at least chill

What do your coworkers need to improve and how could you work together better?

Stop creating seperate siloed interactions..pitting each other agiant them

Posted a month ago

Work is single threaded so greater collaboration would be better else people end up in silos

Review from Engineering Dept

better and good com with time

Review from Engineering Dept

Management is the problem, they're bringing in people off the street and placing them in roles they do not have the skills or experience to do.

They are seflish and shady

Keep meeting short and concise. Take good meeting notes and provide agenda upfront.

Nothing really everything runs smooth

Stop glossing over dysfunction and quality issues.

They should me more helpful and not just sit and give orders to associate and partimers and walk around the Premises with pc in their hand as if they are really doing their jobs..

They are good but scared and working all the time

What company meetings? No one cares because the company doesn't

More communication and leadship skills needed

Too many unnecessary meetings. People themselves are fine but they're overworked and morale suffers.

We're not coworkers but competitors, so the relationship needs to change and it depends on demands of the employer.

Its a revolving door. There is really not much interaction and people leave frequently.

No problem with them. All young

Review from Operations Dept

We really don't have time to get to know each other, your kind of solo on the job so if u walk in knowing nobody chances are your walking out at the end of the day same

It starts with the manager. When it seems the manager is trying to catch us doing something wrong as opposed to doing something right, that kills open and free communication.

Review from Engineering Dept

They need to improve their knowledge of what they are working on. They have 0 domain knowledge

They coworkers are fine ceo is very impersonal

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In the Top 25% of 1239 similar size companies on Comparably


In the Bottom 45% of 128 companies in Seattle


2nd place versus 5 competitors rated on Comparably

Amazon's team score is currently ranked in the Top 25% of similar sized companies on Comparably and placed 2nd among its competitors. 81% of Amazon employees look forward to interacting with coworkers while 69% believe their company meetings are effective. Among the various teams at Amazon, the IT department ranks the highest in team score.

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