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What makes you most happy at work?

Flexible work arrangements and master of own destiny.

The people make me most happy at work.

Balance of opportunity to do new, scary and challenging things vs know, reliable and simple tasks. I can do what I know best while pushing myself to new limits.

the new challenges every day

I like to help other, I can do it every day.

I feel valuable, I've been able to develop my career here and had learn a lot.

Trust, accountability, being heard, openness, freedom

Review from Engineering Dept

The opportunity to use my skills and creativity

Review from Business Development Dept

My direct staff and the people I interact with

Review from IT Dept

The people that I work with everyday

Review from Engineering Dept

Every day i lear something different or improve in different areas

Review from IT Dept

the new projects and peers always aiming to support

Review from HR Dept

i believe i will learn new things in every aspect while interacting with the people and also the kind of work i do.

Getting paid, and doing a good job

Review from Engineering Dept

My co-workers, my work and all benefits that I have

Review from IT Dept

My team members and the type of challenging work.

My coworkers. We have a great team.

Review from Operations Dept

People. Opportunity to try new things. My peers and management try and empower me.

Review from Marketing Dept

the challenges you have the face and how you have resolve them

Review from Marketing Dept

Getting my paycheck and spending time with my family. 70 to 80 hour exempt work weeks should not be the norm.

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

get rid of all senior management and bring in fresh blood

Company needs new life brought into it from leaders of emerging tech companies. Not from stale industries.

The work of an inside sales rep isn't terribly rewarding.

Review from Sales Dept

Struggling with growth, unable to move forward easily.

Review from Engineering Dept

women not paid equal to men in the same job

Review from Business Development Dept

Need to drastically change our strategy.

Review from Sales Dept

As stated before. Stop the constant lay offs. If you do have to reduce jobs, first try to find the employee a job inside the company.

Review from Engineering Dept

Who knows. Employees don't benefit when things go well, so what's the incentive to care?

Review from Engineering Dept

The corporations primary objective appears to be to automate everything and remove people as a cost center.

Vegan culture vs MEAT EATERs.meg needs to go don't hire from within Her political affiliations reflect the her socialist Management culture

Review from Sales Dept

For 7 years we have been constantly threatened with redundancy. HP have lost an incredibly diverse, ethical, experienced workforce.

Review from IT Dept

We've got to get our mojo back and be bold again.

Review from Marketing Dept

What do you like best about your company?

there is nothing in the team culture neither the individual management approach to like

The people & products as well as our customers

Review from Business Development Dept

Stable, chance to impact the world

Review from Engineering Dept

quality of life

Review from Operations Dept

The ability to access new technology

Review from Engineering Dept

that i'm at an account for a company that I believe in

Review from IT Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Faster pace of equipment replacement

Review from Engineering Dept

Too many broken processes

Review from Sales Dept


Review from IT Dept

more effective and engaged upper management leadership

Review from Operations Dept

Executive mgmt needs to market trends long before it affects the org

Review from Engineering Dept

really like to be an employee of the account I'm on.

Review from IT Dept

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