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UnitedHealth Group Compensation Employee Reviews

What is the best part about your compensation package?

Room for growth and advancement

Posted 19 days ago

I can count on getting my raise and bonus annually with great price on insurance coverage for my whole family.

Review from Admin Dept · Posted a month ago

Providing Health care insurance premium paid by Employer itself. In Most of organizations they added premium part in their CTC.

It's nice to have health care, PTO, 401k. Their benefits aren't competitive. Know that if you come in as contract to hire, when you convert to full-time they'll cut a few thousand off your salary unless you negotiate to make the same or more. Negotiate to make more!

Providers wonderful coverage for me and my family

Paid family leave has improved - stock purchase program has paid off over the years. PTO is reasonable.

The Employee Stock Purchase Plan

It is on par with the industry

Review from IT Dept

Stock purchase program and retirement match

They do not provide good benefits despite they are health insurance co

Pto vacation and so much more

I make a fair wage and I earn rewards based on performance

Review from Operations Dept

Large performance bonus and deferred executive comp deference.

Salary plus bonus plus several compensation options

Doctor on Demand is included with Bind at no charge that includes mental health, psychiatry, and regular telemedicine.

Review from IT Dept

The stock option and 401k

with health benefits that is fairly

Review from Marketing Dept

Is working from home compensation? UHG had this before covid and it was one of the main reasons I wanted to work here. I consider it compensation in that I don't have to incur gas/tolls & wear on my vehicle. I have 3 more hours in my day that I can prioritize what is important instead of commuting.

Many options, Bind was an excellent addition/choice


Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

My benefits are hard to use where I live because few providers use UHG as it is a lower reimb rate. My dental is not accepted or useful by my provider, who accepts most other insurances. This is frustrating. It costs money to access my benefits. Give me more useful benefits or adjust pay a bit.

The raise is too small and does not accommodate with the inflation. It takes so much work to get an 2% raise, and that's not even keeping up with the inflation.

In every way possible. Nothing

Cost of living raise not even close yo inflation. Did not even cover increase in insurance

They pay under market value. Raises every year are below inflation rates, so you make less money, even in years when the CEO talks about what a great year it was financially.

Being recognized with the bonus program they took away would be nice. The non monetary incentives are laughable at best. Thanks for the free Peloton app you tax me for! These compa ies would not run without us. They should be happy to have us. Not the other way around.

would like better healthcare coverage and better annual increases and bonuses

Review from HR Dept

Profit sharing. Give merit raises to employees instead of 2-3% increases per year while shareholders and upper management get large bonuses for workers increased productivity.

Lack of pay parity for long time employees and growth opportunities

Recognizing those of us that are talented with years of experience and education and not starting us a the bottom with employees that can’t even spel

Other companies will offer more for my position, include pensions, different PTO/vacation time off banks, free health insurance, and higher education stipend. This company does not match 401K, you have to use PTO time for holidays, even when the clinics are closed, and pay your own insurance

increase in annual raises. you are better off leaving the company and return just market level rates

With the type of work with do pay should be more

Higher bonus and annual raise

Its not a living wage at all. I mean everyrhing goes up but they stopped doing a cost of living wage increase years ago. So who cares if everything around us increases, and wbk cares they pay others millions who are in leaderahip... theyre just gonna give me 2-3%, sometimes less. Doesnt help.

New management, better raises more inline with competitors especially when they are the most profitable company

Review from Executive Dept

Benfits are sub par to say the least

Pay more. I was hired as a supervisor but I do quality reviews, emotional support, analyst, hr career builder, project leader........seriously should be making a lot more.

Unfair annual evaluation. Management biases opinions. Double standards. We want more representation in upper management and closer contact with HR. Compensation is too low compare to volume and quality of work expected. Health Insurance too high out of pocket of $2,700. Raise minimum wage and raise.

Benefits are lousy for their employees and this is an insurance company! Also there is no incentives or bonuses for all employees.

Review from Operations Dept

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482 employees at UnitedHealth Group score their wages and compensation a C+ on average. As a testament to this, when employees are asked “Do you believe you're paid fairly?”, 62% say Yes. The Marketing department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 98/100, a full 46 pts above the Engineering department. If you want detailed data about UnitedHealth Group's wages, see the <a href="https://www.comparably.com/companies/unitedhealth-group/salaries">wage breakdown by department, job titles, locations, and more.</a>

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