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UnitedHealth Group Environment Employee Reviews

What is most positive about the culture and environment at your company?

Support, respect and honesty. Helping me to know where I can grow develop and focus to meet my professional goals.

Review from Customer Support Dept · Posted 9 days ago

Company wants you to succeed

Review from IT Dept · Posted 24 days ago

Leadership, care about the customers, internal and external

Our culture has developed into a second family support system. We are all invested in each other and each other's success.

Review from Operations Dept

Very inclusive culture. There are many opportunities to participate in fun things during the day with your team or individually, like participating in mindfulness meditation, exercising, decorating a pumpkin, or cooking healthy meals.

Review from Admin Dept

The culture is still there and most people are trying to support the company and help other team members as a larger organization point of view.

Very Well Process Oriented. always helps in providing trainings.

The people on the team made it a positive experience. Collaboration with other teams showed that's not the case across the company.

There is a lot of Flexibility and autonomy

Can't think of anything now

Very little drama and respectful communication

It used to be very positive, but a new leader that is a woman has made it less than positive. It is more about gossipping and backstabbing than it used to be. We were effective, kind and helpful to one another while getting the big jobs done. Now it s some aort of weird hunger games atmosphere.

Empathy and trust as well as respect.

culture principal of "assume positive intent" - if something goes wrong, we assume the best rather than throwing someone under the bus. We focus forward on solutions, not backwards on blame

Review from HR Dept

Company attitude toward our and customers well being is excelent

Diversity and inclusion , opportunities

Flexible and gives autonomy to staff

can do attitude of all team members

Safe space for innovation, failure abd learning to schieve excellence

The culture is amazing and talked about and practiced regularly.

Review from IT Dept

What needs to change to make the company culture better?

It's too late, RV will destroy what little culture remains.

Review from Product Dept

Middle management needs to make change

The extremely heavy upper management need to start caring about their subordinates

Difficult unpredictable enviornment to navigate Sometimes unsafe neighborhoods

Ethics and morals. Pay. Flexibility.

Review from Executive Dept

Workers and staff do not feel valued. Management turnover is constant. Demands and service expectations are continuously increasing but wages do not match increase in stress and workload.

Stop micromanaging those that are on top with scores. Micromanage those that are in the red/yellow and not making the minimum requirements to keep the job.

Again, it starts from the top down. Administrators do not listen to employees and implement rules that may not apply to certain teams. If they were wise, they would have a physician from each field help create policies, instead of an administrator that does not know anything about patient care

Better explanation of expectations, goals and requirements.

Hire better people. when bad reps continue to get away with wrong, it starts to affect good reps. but no one in a supervisor or management position does anything about it. So they'd rather lose a good rep just to keep a bad one. I've been there almost 20 years, and burned out over the last 4 yrs.

Total replacement of all senior management CEO through Vps

Review from Executive Dept

EVERYTHING! Pay staff what they are worth, stop with the fluffy crap you don't actually mean, hire more people at a fair wage....if you want to ensure customers want to stay, take care of your employees! We are also customers too...

Bullying needs to cease at all cost. There is no "safe" zone for employees that are being threatened by coworkers or upper managers.

Review from Operations Dept

Quit replacing American workers with cheaper less skilled workers from asia

Leadership allows and promotes a culture of workplace bullying and harassment from co-workers and retaliates against employees who report it.

Review from Operations Dept

It is extremely competitive and people work very long hours

Review from Finance Dept

They need to use evidences to take decisions

Review from Admin Dept

Practice what they preach (our values/culture) verse overly concerned with procedure at the expense of efficiency or common sense.

Leadership to LIVE the UHC Culture. Touted all the time but what we 'see' is the opposite of our Culture. More embarrassing to work here as time goes by as the UHC used to care about their employees and were honest. Trust is now gone and only gets worse.

It would be nice if we had better leadership, and not a leadership that encourages separation within the ranks.

Review from Customer Support Dept

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The environment at UnitedHealth Group is considered positive by 75% of employees and regarded as having a “comfortably fast” work pace by 191 employees. Relative to its competitors, eviCore healthcare, Humana, Anthem, Inc., Milliman, and Aetna, UnitedHealth Group's environment score ranks in 4th place. This also puts them in the Top 20% of 1188 similar sized companies (10,000+ Employees) on Comparably and Top 30% of 56 companies in Minneapolis.

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