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UnitedHealth Group Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

The collaboration and quality products. Our technology teams!

Review from Customer Support Dept · Posted 8 days ago

My manager and co workers.

Posted 20 days ago

Having the ability to make decisions on my own and manage my workload effectively

Review from IT Dept · Posted 22 days ago

Colleagues, leaders (next level, not top execs), the work itself

When the day ends each day

Opp to learn and to serve through the projects I support at OptumServe. I do work I am proud of that makes our nation and world better, healthier and safer.

Getting finished with the day

Review from Executive Dept

Payday and helping people put

genuinely enjoying the meaningful work I do and the people I interact with

Review from HR Dept

My patients and my coworkers

Feeling challenged, being appreciated, and having growth opportunites

Review from Operations Dept

New experiences every day, not boring and positive team envhiroent

Opportunity to build a career

The independent work i do from home

sense of accomplishment when solving a problem

The Bravo awards, particularly the monetary ones.

Review from IT Dept

My team, the work I do and the many positive business partners I get to work with daily. I love my job but hate the politics of it all!

Helping providers and patients get the best and appropriate care and services

Work Pressure is half, if process is followed in well manner. So it helps us to maintain balance in our professional and Personal Life better.

Completing my assessments with my members and being able to deliver so much help that changes their lives.

Review from Admin Dept

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Optum's take over of New West Physicians was probably the most detrimental aspect to our patients and our staff. The integration was rough, and those that are now in charge- CEO- don't care about developing relationships with those that have stayed. We are loosing amazing employees because of her.

Review from Operations Dept

We thought Optum and United Health were bad, just wait until we are integrated with RV, they care about one thing, and one thing only - exploitive and ruthless monetization.

Review from Product Dept

Technology is lacking. Healthcare is confusing and UHG / UHC / Optum doesn't invest in their technology platforms and team. Management spends too much time negotiating budgets rather than supporting getting actual work done.

They are treating patients and employees terribly and have completely lost sight of their purpose and mission statement

Restructuring managers/trainers and retraining all.

Company is cutting corners, trying to bring as many patients in while not giving the staff support to help with the number. Teams are composed of 1 physician and 1 MA, and they are responsibly for all the orders, rooming and seeing patients, gets auths, mailing results, and scheduling. No support

Repeat replace senior management top to bottom

Review from Executive Dept

Again, everything is wrong right now. Pay is pathetic, over worked, systems are awful

As before, moral need an increase. Bullying has to stop along with consequences for those that are doing the bullying. Equality needs to be across the board and "favoritism " needs to stop. Putting the members first and foremost is also a big need.

Review from Operations Dept

Management needs to find value in human potential

The company does not support internal growth or development. I literally sat through a 2 HR. presentation with HR on common language and it was a joke.... no one if going to promote your growth in this company.

Review from Operations Dept

Trust is not at the forefront of our daily lives. Leadership needs to get out of the way and let the team do the work that's needed to satisfy the customer.

In my current role I don't feel as secure as I did in my previous role. There seems to be less managerial support and guidance.

Review from Customer Support Dept

I think the negative environment needs to change. They are laying off entire department and work at home groups to avoid paying severance pay. They need to smooth out the process and streamline the job. They tend to make it confusing and hard when it doesn't have to be because of the metrics.

Review from Admin Dept

My job has been shipped offshore. Bring back American jobs.

Review from Operations Dept

we cannot meet the customers expectations as not enough time is given to follow up on members issues

Review from Customer Support Dept

everything Is great, we all there everyday, and we are punctual.

Trainers create own policies. Trainers will create a smear sheet to hurt the record of trainees they don't like or are slower at learning.

Review from Customer Support Dept

The constant barrage of having to deliver unfortunate news for members being stuck with out of network charges.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Better management , they are rude and do not help you succeed

Review from Operations Dept

What do you like best about your company?

Great flexibility and investment in career growth

It's reliable, dependable, and keep the 5 values UHG cultures.

Work at home Ethics Compassion

Review from Admin Dept

Job stability

wah, fast pace

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

More cross functional cross training to help alleviate large workloads.

Relationship building among the employees.

Better employee benefits

Review from Admin Dept

Benefits for new parents

need to become more tech saavy

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