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Accenture (US) Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

Diverse culture and outstanding leadership

Review from Operations Dept · Posted 19 days ago

My team and how we orchestrate work to make everyone happy.

Posted a month ago

Ability to work remotely for good pay, despite the insane hours and stress.

Review from Design Dept

Everything makes me happy at work

Ability to guide my career

Working for a multinational colpany with some big achiements

Seeing the excitement of new joiners fade as they ruin their careers over time

When I get to leave for the day.

The team and the mission.

It used to be the projects and my team; however, the internal politics and changes in culture have shifted my enjoyment of work.

Review from Operations Dept

Being challenged and opportunities to grow my skills

I love that I have a lot of freedom to give ideas.

Building teams and working together

We are very hard-working but we are rewarded well and customers have come to expect the very best from us.

Colleagues and work culture. Learning new technology

My clients and learning every day to meet their needs

Review from Executive Dept

Colleagues and Customers- driven by purpose

Review from IT Dept

The challenge of working with the best companies in the world, delivering cutting edge technology.

Review from Operations Dept

Meeting smart people all the time

Review from Executive Dept

getting off of work and going home

Review from Operations Dept

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

High prices, internal divisions. It's India versus the world. Stealth and subtle racism and bigotry

Review from IT Dept · Posted 20 days ago

I dont know lot from management to workers

I was pigeon holed into a role I was not interested in. Being able to have greater ability to move between siloed workstreams once hired would be beneficial.

Review from Operations Dept

Uninteresting work and low pay.

Review from Finance Dept

The communication with the leads and the leads that i have are very hostigators

Companys policy is not being implemented properly.

Review from Finance Dept

The company is dishonest and unethical at top, down through the MD level. There is very little leadership and management. Strictly a machine that values and awards loose and flexible ethics and morality. Stop lying about being "more human", and offering "work/life balance"; its a lie.

Review from IT Dept

Low achievers are allowed to continue within the company, simply at other projects. We need to be more selective and cut throat in weeding out dead weight and recognizing high performers and deliverers. At the same time, we need to have leaders care about people and staffing that is more personal

Review from Product Dept

For analysts, promotions based on merit doesn't actually apply until you've been there a year. Before that, you're ineligible for promotion, even if you're responsibilities are several levels higher.

Review from IT Dept

Industry is suffering, and Accenture is only fueling the fire.

Review from Operations Dept

who can be excited about work ever

Review from Product Dept

Workload and pay are never reconciled.

Review from Operations Dept

I think it is a larger company issue. The structure makes it difficult to raise concerns. I would say make it feel like you are invested in your employees. I actually love the content of what I work on and my clients - ACN has found a way to be the sole motivation deterrent in my career.

Review from Marketing Dept

Typical hard work efforts to advance a career backfire in this company - when you show yourself as competent, all the work gets dumped on you. 70+ hour weeks and weekends are very common

Review from Sales Dept

Affordable healthcare plans, raises, holidays off with pay.

Not enough appreciation, management interaction is negative.

Review from Operations Dept

My role contastanly changes but the “topic” is the same.

Review from Operations Dept

No one thing, multiple facets

Review from Business Development Dept

Get rid of the NA regional model or remove the hiring freeze.

Innovatation. How about some training.

Review from IT Dept

What do you like best about your company?

Ahead of the industry

Review from IT Dept

The good people that are booming with information to share.

Review from IT Dept

Variety of experiences and diverse workforce

Review from Marketing Dept

Wide breadth of exposure to technologies and industries.

Review from IT Dept

The work

Review from Marketing Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Lack of support or training for new hires

Review from Marketing Dept

Improved dedication to onshore workers, less focus on offshoring work.

Review from IT Dept


Review from Marketing Dept

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