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Apple Interviews Employee Reviews

What did you like most about the interview process?

Lots of interviews, mostly conversational and name a time when

Posted a month ago

Difficult but just be yourself

The interview was very casual and conversational.

Review from Customer Support Dept

The ability to explain my skills in my stories.

Very thorough and diverse panel

The interview was over video, so I was in the comfort of my own home.

Nothing personally, I just liked the people there.

Communication envioment product selling and i like the product my company sell

the diversity acceptance from other business

System design algorithm techni lead

Review from Engineering Dept

the way they whisper in your ear ferociously

Review from IT Dept

Having a peer to peer interview :)

It was relaxed, open-ended, fair.

I like that the questions were simple and that it was a video at home interview.

It was incredibly easy to pass

Mu interview was indepth ans intense

It was very relaxed and no pressure.

Review from IT Dept

A focus on real-world problems, not puzzles

most people at apple are friends and family once you know someone in the team you are hired

Review from Operations Dept

The interviewers eere nice during thr interview

What would you improve about your company's interview process?

Recruiters and hiring managers should seek first internal candidates and should always inform candidates when they've been rejected

Posted 22 days ago

IF they go faster which they takre foreves

Not making three, four or even five interviews for a job I was the only one to candidate to. And get a "no" at the end

Work on steering interviewees towards scenarios that prove actual work ethic and not base them on stories that could just be made up anyway.

Bias, discrimination, it's impossible to move up in retail unless you literally fake your whole personality or buddy up with managers

Apple is known for seasonal hiring and contract workers including internal support and first-line phone customer sales support.

they play favoritism all long and not fair

Apple disects interviews more than anywhere I've worked before

Utilize qualified interviewers. Interview me one on one instead by a panel or with multiple candidates for the same position.

actually put yourself in somebody else's shoe and understand where they are coming from instead of straight up judgement.

Review from Design Dept

Ease up on the interview meetings that are there for the sake of it

Review from Finance Dept

Honesty needs to happen, accurate job descriptions are needed

Review from Engineering Dept

It took far too long for me to actually get hired, and my turnaround was better than most.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Train your people how to interview. And then maybe follow up with them? So many people never hear back from Apple. Rude.

Review from Operations Dept

I would make it one on one.

Review from Operations Dept
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