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Apple Leadership Employee Reviews

What do you like best about the leadership team?

Manager does a great job of managing

Posted 21 days ago

mentorship, growth opportunities and recognition

Posted 22 days ago

Easy to connect with. Very understanding

Posted a month ago

its really frendly and fun

Smart, thoughtful and cares about the customer/apple brand

Apple's leadership is in touchvwith customer and employee needs.

Amazing team. Smart and motivating

They are great! They take care of their team.

They are very flexible when it comes to availability and issues arising.

Embracing conflict for better product outcomes.

always inclusive and never excluded

Their motivation to support you in your role and roles you may be interested to grow into over your time with Apple.

Always evolving with the shift or culture and times

All have IC experience. Managers are engineers.

Thoughful and strong advocates of inclusion & diversity.

Very focused and highly efficient

Manager has effectively gotten all employees workijg as a well oiled machine. Great teamwork

They seem to be knowledgeable and experienced

Stop asking me questions to view the data

smart and data driven decisions

What does the leadership team need to get better at?

Listen to your employees- WFH is best for the company.

Posted 21 days ago

Leadership refuses to accept data if it doesn't say what they want it to.

Posted a month ago

Supporting professional development; examining internal employees' complete background and portfolio versus only reviewing experience at Apple to make internal employment decisions.

Review from Customer Support Dept

they need to get more organized, im always putting things together for my coworkers since they barley come in anymore

Respecting the abilities and knowledge of their colleagues, bringing more "freedom" to them, trust them more

Managers arw complacent and leadership coorporate-wise seem out of touch and ignorabt to what goes on in retail stores and with consumers.

As a leader holding the title does not mean you have to take advantage of others. Sometimes it is better to put the ego down and help those in need.

Review from Sales Dept


micromanaging, caring about employees, filing assaults complaints and taking genuine feedback, improve hiring practices, stand behind their employees instead of working them to death.

This leadership team is not focused on employees, just on the shareholders.

Helping and fighting for their employees. Think about how decision affect the employees who have to live with the decisions.

Teams across retail, online, and corporate are siloed causing gaps in the customer journey.

everything because they suck and they just leave me with all the work

they need to be unselfish and not pressuring their own staffs

Integrity and be human. Walk the walk and no mre abusive managers

Everything. They cannot tie their shoes

The problem at Apple is middle management. Survey employees about their management chain and clean house where needed

They need to actually start over. Get rid of the people that are there, who are focused on profits and becoming just another retail giant like BestBuy. Bring back the vision of Wozniak.

Transparency, hiring people who are smarter than you, removing obstacles, not playing favorites, empowering people to do their best work, embracing diversity.

Most Directors and Sr managers are friends and families

Review from Operations Dept

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Rated Apple Leadership the Highest

  • Department - Communications
  • Department - Business Development
  • Ethnicity - African American/Black

Rated Apple Leadership the Lowest

  • Gender - Non-Binary
  • Department - HR
  • Department - Legal
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