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CDK Global Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

Co workers and unlimited vacation.

Flexibility and a positive work environment

The meaningful work I do and being able to make a difference.

business travel and teach the customer knowledge

Review from Engineering Dept

The work I do and how I do it. The second thing that makes me happy is that I am supplied the necessary materials to work with. Thirdly, the environment is friendly.

Review from Operations Dept

Teammates, building and creating new programs, interacting with customers

Review from Operations Dept

The actual work I do and working with the dealers

The people - they're incredibly dedicated and motivate me to be the best contributor I can be.

Paid for my performance with upward mobility available to those who earn it

Review from Sales Dept

Providing solutions that make our customers better

Review from Sales Dept

I keep busy and I like that - most of the time. Don't like spending time doing ground hog events

My job and the peopel I work with.

Review from IT Dept

Unsolicited praise from a client

Review from Sales Dept

Appreciation for a job well done!

Review from Marketing Dept

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

High employee attrition, people are tired and overworked. Need to build a culture of empathy

New CEO should help. Fingers crossed

Review from Operations Dept

Let employees know if they have a future in the company. Too many lay offs for employees to feel secure in their position.

Review from IT Dept

Company doesn't pay people what they're worth. They are stingy with comp adjustments and cap promotion compensation to a small percentage instead of moving promoted associates into the proper pay range. A new hire fresh off the street would be paid more than a tenured, promoted internal associate.

Chaos chaos chaos chaos chaos

Review from Operations Dept

If we did better follow up, and follow through it heart place.

CEO only cares about getting money in his pocket and not the morale of his employees. Would rather send work over to India, at the expense of its customers because it is the cheaper option

Review from Customer Support Dept

Terrible management, no morale left, no motivation left. Also no hope left with critical people laid off or looking for a job.

Review from Engineering Dept

Dishonestly, questionable ethics, threat based management style

Review from Engineering Dept

CDK has dug a hole for itself. CDK is its own worst enemy.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Stop sending American jobs to India that’s all you need to do

Review from Customer Support Dept

Reverse the insane idea that American car dealers will accept outsourcing. We were #1 for a reason. We cared. The 5yr plan has failed!

Review from Operations Dept

Currently, a lack of focus.

Review from Engineering Dept

Making Wall Street happy is key and this company will make you know that, it will make you feel what many other Americans feel. Toxic.

What do you like best about your company?

Nothing at all it is horrible

Review from Operations Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Better compensation practices, less red tape when managers are attempting to give promotions and compensation adjustments, less interference from HR and senior leadership when managers want to promote or adjust comp. Associates are not paid what they're worth, and leaders don't seem to care.

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CDK Global's Outlook is scored a D+ by 245 employee ratings based upon answers to questions such as “How confident are you about the future success of your company?” CDK Global's Outlook score helps to boost their overall culture score, due partly to the fact that the Sales department’s positive scores help Outlook to be one of CDK Global's stronger culture attributes. Use the filters below to understand CDK Global employee perspectives by Department, Gender, Ethnicity, and Experience. Last updated a day ago.

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