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What makes you most happy at work?

I value the relationships with trusted colleagues

Posted 13 days ago

I feel valued. That trumps everything.

Posted 13 days ago

Working from home (for now), engaging with team, not working with manager

Review from Business Development Dept

Nothing, just looking forward to the weekend so i can get work done without meetings/ people pinging me

productivity awsome good nice [reety

Review from Design Dept

Working in an industry that I enjoy being in - Deloitte will not let me do this. (So I'm leaving)

My managers consistently give me the opportunity to do challenging work that has a large client impact. Always a chance to shine.

When our customer is happy and everyone feels valued and on a high functioning team.

Appericiation and support . Feeling valued. The availability of wellness programs. Having flexibility. Working in a collaborative environment. being in positive workplace culture

Collaborative work culture, supporting peers, good guidance, and opportunity for growth

ability to lead a team

Helping our clients understand the work we do.

New things to work on

When I get to do what I'm hired to do

Projects that I get and my team

Finish engaging work well done

excelling on my job and interacting with colleagues

Mutual respect from colleagues; teamwork

Great reputation in the industry

Being able to see the positive impact of my work and having meaningful conversations with my coworkers

Review from Business Development Dept

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Better compensation for people, more quality hiring

Deloitte accepts too many projects for the number of qualified employees it has. Worklife balance is a huge concern, compounded by the fact that Deloitte consultants make much less than all competitors, and are simultaneously overworked relative to competitors because of understaffing

Poor pay for employees duh

Review from Design Dept

Focus is deliver real value to clients. Evolve to respond to the new market (culture, practices, leadership)

Review from HR Dept

Micromanagement of in and out hrs like school and not giving flexbility to wfh unlike other IT companies takes away the feel of working in an american firm . No adherence of work hrs at all .

Review from IT Dept

Management needs to foster a more respectful environment that values ppl for being more than "drones."

Compensation is below market. Leading to loss of top talent.

Review from Operations Dept

Most of the clients perceive Deloitte as shady, overpaid, and elitist. Most clients tended to watch us with air of constant suspicion and portrayed disgust for us. Deloitte can do better by gouging clients less and caring about human-beings more.

Review from HR Dept

Develop ways to give credit to people who actually worked on the assignment.

Review from IT Dept

Everything is bad for mental wellbeing

Review from Product Dept

How my managers treat me. How it is hard to get to do the work in the firm you are actually interested in doing

Review from Business Development Dept

Less travel and better flexibility to work with practitioners with families, better compensation growth

company should appreciate work done by employees in better manner

Review from IT Dept

Authority should flow and more transparency is needed. Performance system changes should be more in favour of people of the company not to talent professionals.

Review from Finance Dept

Punished for taking family leave.

Review from Design Dept

Growth has become too important which is making the culture and quality of clients questionable.

Review from Operations Dept

I have the feeling of being burned out. I need a less hectic schedule

Review from Finance Dept

management needs to be changed.. they are hiring bpo experience guys as managers.. and they end up managing things but cannot guide the team not they have leadership skills

Review from HR Dept

Work culture lags. The worst wprk culture and inner politics

Review from Engineering Dept

Quicker conversion for contractors who work hard and want to be perm.

Review from HR Dept

What do you like best about your company?

Most practitioners are highly collaborative and are genuinely good people that care for the well-being of others. That being said, this is insufficient to counter the systemic working constraints imposed by leadership decisions to lay off a significant portion of the workforce during COVID

The reputation of the firm.

the leadership and the opportunity to grow and lead

the people

fast pace

Great company to work for.

Review from IT Dept


Review from IT Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Senior Manager incentives should de-emphasize sales at the expense of the team. Instead, Senior Manager incentives should spur true leadership instead of 'just' management

I'd like Deloitte to improve the recruitment, retention and advancement of diverse professionals at the firm.

the ability of leadership to adapt to the new ways of working



Review from IT Dept

We need more workers

Review from IT Dept

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