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Goodwill Compensation Employee Reviews

What is the best part about your compensation package?

They offer medical dental vision and have a 401k

My 403 which I have invested in

Paid time off and full time hours.

that we dont have to be fuill time to get it

There is not just one it's everything in the package

Medical time vacation pay 403 plan

The company has great Benefits

Rates seem to be fair

Review from Operations Dept

They are fair and equal to every employee

Review from Product Dept

Sick time off and bereavement time it helps

Review from Sales Dept

Medical, dental, and vision insurance

Review from Customer Support Dept

No waiting period for PTO to start

Review from Sales Dept

There health insurance blue Cross blue shield

Review from Sales Dept

I am part of the union so everything is very fair and lots of different insurance packages to choose from

Review from Customer Support Dept

The cost for a single person is very reasonable

Review from Operations Dept

I have the money I need to live on

Review from Sales Dept

The discount I get when shopping

Review from Sales Dept

I believe it is fair for this company

Review from Sales Dept

I don't have a compensation package, they won't hire anyone other than management as full time. Employees work full time without the ability to advance to full time. It took 3 years for anyone to get a raise at my store.

Review from Sales Dept

No benefits package offered by the nonprofit company

Review from Sales Dept

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

Run far away if you value your mental health

Review from Admin Dept

Be paid a living wage

more cash in my pocket

I run the DC by myself and might talk to a manager every other week and see them maybe every other month

Review from Customer Support Dept

Being cross trained for several positions.

I feel undervalued because I am required to do not only my job but other jobs that others are not held accountable for.

Better Team leadership Better employee treatment

The uneducated executive directors who achieved those self imposed titles simply because they been there forever doesn’t mean they are qualified to do their job effectivel

I'm not appreciated for my ability to expand beyond my job description.not allowing to exercise my potential

I honestly feel like for the effort and quotas they demand daily from us workers daily, minimum wage shouldn't be the pay. The things you deal with on a daily basis working for a goodwill is way more than what you may do working typical retail.

The donation center requires 3 or more people to run as of right now there are myself and 1 other person running the donation center, I'm doing a 2 person job getting paid as 1 person a raise would be nice if I'm gonna keep working as 2 people

Review from Product Dept

Europe gives employees 5 weeks off a year. I get 10 days, and cant even ask my manager if I can have a saturday off on my schedule instead of a tuesday.

Review from Sales Dept

Have to work hard to make more money for the manager.

Review from Operations Dept

I am held back everyday because of the CEO's inability to know how to operate the business.

Review from Operations Dept

Goodwill has tarnished it's original message and purpose so badly, I feel it's irreparable.

Review from Operations Dept

I would like full time to really be full time.

Review from Sales Dept

Being able to shop at the store would be nice

Review from Sales Dept

Have to work 35 hours to get paid vacation or any vacation, not allowed to wear headphones, have to work off clock to make rate, not allowed to leave building on 15 minute break, managers have favorites and break rules, working 30 hours a week can't afford to put family of 4 on health insurance

Review from Sales Dept

I feel undervalued because my pay was cut (due to budget cuts) and on top of that, my coworker was fired and now I have to do my job PLUS hers for less wages.

Review from Operations Dept

I was cut from full time to part time without notice. And i barely make min wage for labored work

Review from Sales Dept

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245 employees at Goodwill score their wages and compensation a D+ on average. As a testament to this, when employees are asked “Do you believe you're paid fairly?”, 43% say Yes. The Communications department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 85/100, a full 44 pts above the Customer Support department. If you want detailed data about Goodwill's wages, see the wage breakdown by department, job titles, locations, and more.

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  • Department - Communications
  • Tenure - 1 to 2 Years
  • Department - Business Development

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  • Ethnicity - Asian or Pacific Islander
  • Department - Customer Support
  • Ethnicity - Other

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