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Pfizer Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

Flexible, less stress, happiness, joyous

Posted 9 days ago

achieving results and helping patients

The science and new technology

Review from Engineering Dept

Being able to direct my own projects

The people and sense of purpose

my ability to see and drive numbers regardless of my colleague culture.

Our ability to have the best and most update equipment that no other pharmacial company's have

When i am allowed to work without artificial barriers.

Nothing really need to get out

Solving problems with others disciplines.

The impact our products have on people.

Workign for Pfizer is an amazing experience. Challenging and tiring, but rewarding

Review from Sales Dept

Nice offices, modern and nice people by and large

Interaction with client group daily

Review from Operations Dept

The excellence of my colleagues inspires me to deliver at a higher level.

Review from Product Dept

The work I do keeps me occupied and interested

Review from Operations Dept

When I make accomplishment is when I am most happy at work

the projects i am currently a part of

Review from Operations Dept

I like what I do

Review from Operations Dept

Knowing that the meds we send out are helping people in need

Review from Operations Dept

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Treating all employees and contractors with professionalism and respect.

Toxic work atmosphere. Political culture. No respect for peers.

Review from Operations Dept

Incompetent leadership are never held to the same levels of accountability as the colleagues they manage. The company needs to examine thoroughly how it evaluates its leadership and the job that they're getting paid to do.

I believe I am undervalued as an employee and my skills are not being utilized

Review from Engineering Dept

Respect the individuals and use the valuable resources they have in the employees. Hire management that you can trust and respect.

Review from Product Dept

Ask questions and listen to people. We don't want open office concepts, the cafeterias are too crowded and loud, our benefits have gotten more expensive without adequate balance of compensation, enforce the "no jerks" policy, and hire more people to do the overwhelming amounts of work.

Review from Operations Dept

Our process needs to updated with new equipment way to many critical defects

Review from Product Dept

My job is too stressful because we work most weekends and we work long stretches with people who are doing the same. Burnout is a very obvious thing in our area. We could use a re-Invented shift operation that includes a weekend shift(s) to make the job better.

Review from Product Dept

Work pace is chaotic at times and needs a little more structure. Needs better planning decisions. Alot of product being discarded after a lot of work went into preparation .

Review from Product Dept

the favoritism among management and staff

Review from Operations Dept

All the comradery is gone, bled away by a constant overbearing bureaucracy. Also Pfizer closed down our vivarium laying off over 100 people right after Christmas.

Review from Engineering Dept

Totally stressed out environment so why would I want to be anxious to go to work in an environment like that

Pfizer management takes the wrong message from employee surveys. Every year they receive poor ratings and then blame either local managers or employees.

Review from Operations Dept

Upper management and accountability issues...starts at the top

Review from Product Dept

Understaffed and supervision talks junk to employees, we are just a number...

Review from Engineering Dept

My manager only cares about herself.

Review from Engineering Dept

Stop catering to less effective colleagues.

Review from Design Dept

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