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Procter & Gamble Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

ability to solve complex problems

Posted 4 days ago

Solving problems; sought by leaders to input on key decisions; autonomy to choose to participate in or influence broad decisions beyond my core competency and responsibility

Posted 8 days ago

If I have my freedom to execute my work and no one interferes. Meet friends

Posted 11 days ago

Knowing that my work makes a difference.

Work with others, aleays new challenges, great people

easy work. not very stressful

My coworkers and my paycheck.

Review from Operations Dept

When we get the resources we were asked for and outputs get better due to the recommendation

I enjoy doing strategic work that is helping drive good outcomes.

Do my job and understanding the impact that my position has on the company, the coworkers and the consumers.

the paycheck, vacations and shampoo aroma all around the facilities

the engagement, the learning scale that I am developing. the option to grow technically or managerially

Review from Operations Dept

People i work with and good results

I love my job alot

The customer and my team

Review from Sales Dept

The people around me at work

Review from Engineering Dept

Getting paid every two weeks

Review from Operations Dept

I am most happy because I get to do what I love, while working with a group of people that I enjoy interacting with. On top of that, I get paid to do all this.

Review from Engineering Dept

That we can get the job done.

Review from Operations Dept

my compensation package and knowing that leadership team is too previsible

Review from Finance Dept

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

More is wrong than right these days.

Needs better employees and line leaders

Review from Product Dept

Again, it’s all about treatment of the employee. People in past would ask for a break and the response they got was “you got a break when you got hired here” and it wasn’t a job it was a career. Now it’s complete opposi

Review from Operations Dept

Employees are not happy with the environment they are put in to work and never knowing what will be next to be held against them

Review from Operations Dept

Hours are too long and pay is not sufficient

Review from Product Dept

The company has lost focus. It’s about profit and cases. Not quality of products sold and workers. It’s sll about those in the central building on the 6th and 7th floors getting yearly raises for work they don’t do and giving a box of left over junk to the rest for a job well done.

Review from Operations Dept

Over complication is rampant, simplify systems clearly defined roles and expectations

Review from Operations Dept

To many organizations within the company has know ideal what is going on with the other So we don’t even know how many lines to run because our distribution centers can’t tell us how much inventory is on hand so I terms we run to much then need to shut lines down

Review from Operations Dept

Management. Hire from within and quit seeking people that are “yes” people. Hire people with experience for management jobs

Review from Operations Dept

More work with less people. New people not getting the training needed to be quality workers

Review from Operations Dept

Culture morale managers not stepping up and eliminating bullying in the work place, I should not have to deal with that in order to support my family

Review from Operations Dept

Our culture of Lima 1 has been butchered and pulled apart. Lima was an experiment plant and work system. It worked for many years and they tried hard to change it and now it is simply another factory job. New hires profit share has been cut way low also. Turnover is starting to rise as a result.

Review from Operations Dept

Just thinking about my boss calling the morning asking if we will get the numbers that she put because stubbornness without taking into account the market or clients cappacity makes me sick. 10 calls a day at least pushing and telling me "she does not understand why they are not buying" terrible!!

Review from Sales Dept

Not enough training, people forced into rolls they don't want or aren't ready for

Review from Product Dept

Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

Review from Operations Dept

Pay system needs to change. Offline employees should be able to get promoted and raises

Review from IT Dept

The company needs to develop a five-year strategic plan and execute on that plan instead of constantly changing based off of incomplete information. I have worked tirelessly to develop a strategic plan for my department and we have executed well unfortunately upper management will not buy in.

Review from Engineering Dept

It is a very fast paced work environment.

Review from Operations Dept

The micro managing needs to stop

Review from Operations Dept

Scheduling has been terrible since they moved planning to Cincinnati. Lines sit down because of poor scheduling and poor inventory management both of finished product and raw materials.

Review from Operations Dept

What do you like best about your company?

Pay and benefits

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Quicker hiring process

Unproductive work needs eliminated

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