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TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) Employee Reviews

Out of 326 TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) employee reviews, 61% were positive. The remaining 39% were constructive reviews with the goal of helping TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) improve their work culture. The HR team, with 76% positive reviews, reports the best experience at TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) compared to all other departments at the company. The IT team offered the most constructive feedback, with 41% of that department's reviews constructive in nature.

What do you like best about the leadership team?

Leadership Reviews

Awesome team in all perspective

Posted 11 days ago

they all know their stuff

They are doing really great.

Fantastic leadership, innovative and always improving

Not good. They're not interacting

What does the leadership team need to get better at?

Leadership Reviews

Treat TCS India employees same as TCS US employees. And give salary as per market standard

Posted 10 days ago

Communicating and transparency to all

respecting the people that actually work for them.

understand the fact that employees efforts need to be appreciated

using state-of-the-art methods for management (people, project, etc)

What is the best part about your compensation package?

Compensation Reviews

Bonus which I get full without any conditione

Posted 11 days ago

Very good to pay gor

everything is fine for me

Pay is maybe a little low but benefits are great.

it is fair and equitable

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

Compensation Reviews

Not as per market standard and work to get more projects from customer even though you are in a billable role to customer,

Posted 10 days ago

Need to revise and bring it to market standards

Ive been with them for 3 years, no pay rise, and customer is the only one who saw my value, the company is yet to recognize or speak to me

yes way much undervalued and demotivated

salary equaivalent to industry-standard of top tech companies

What are some of the best things about your team?

Team Reviews

Very good to work for

they are reliable and trustworthy

they are innovative and supportive

Nice cool and good to work with

All good people, hard workers and fun.

What do your coworkers need to improve and how could you work together better?

Team Reviews

If they spoke english clearly, if they were educated - half of them say underwear for understand. They make a uttermess and dont pay attention.

Be more hands on instead of keep telling people to read the fine print.

Most of coworkers who belong to C3B and C4 are not skilled enough for their job and even though they are paid handsome salary due to some good contacts and recommendations. Very unfair

Review from HR Dept

Culture needs to change, its toxic

Meetup, positive feedback to be shared

What is most positive about the culture and environment at your company?

Environment Reviews

strong communication and support throughout

They are diverse and caring

Good company nice to work with

Value driven and they practice what they preach

respect for individual - from fresher to experienced

What needs to change to make the company culture better?

Environment Reviews

Treat TCS Indian employees in Visa same as TCS US employees

Posted 10 days ago

Probably better if i dont voice my concern - if you care find out and then ask as clearly 3 years my voice is not yet heard

They need to look at attrition Have exit interviews and understand root cause Need to stop micromanagement

Comunication and repect for people

Put employee belonging on top

Review from IT Dept

What did you like most about the interview process?

Interviews Reviews

quick responses, clear direction, prompt information

everything was smooth and good

Cool and fair and nice

innovation is the core thing

The rounds used to be good and qualitative before

What would you improve about your company's interview process?

Interviews Reviews

it was a very unprofesional whats app call and seriously question was completely irrelevant to the job, and over 8 months before i heard anything

Be honest about career path

Lot of unnecessary documentation and self proclaimed success

Be more clear, give more golden chances

Way too long and drawn out

What makes you most happy at work?

Outlook Reviews

My work make me happy

Energy level challenges and drive

My colleagues and work that is challenging and rewarding

doing work which has great positive impact on common man's life

My team used to be the only reason i wanted to login

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Outlook Reviews

well my team is all i can speak for, we change alot, the ones that stay dont get valued, treated correctly or grow. They hire a bunch of people who cant speak clearly, know nothing about the job and dont want to learn, coupled with a inexperienced manager who just brings team down

God can only help this titanic

We don’t do anything and we get paid for it no improvemen

Needs improvement in all attributes.

Review from Engineering Dept

Lateral hires are treated terribly and there is no trust on employees

Review from IT Dept

What do you like best about your company?

Outlook Reviews

contrary to popular belief they pay good on fixed component

Review from IT Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Outlook Reviews

Recognition, lack of bureaucracy, respect for work life balance

Review from IT Dept

become more professional than boss driven

Review from IT Dept

Review Sentiment at TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)

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