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Dell Technologies Interviews Employee Reviews

What did you like most about the interview process?

The 3 people who interviewed me were honest about what i was walking into.

Posted 11 days ago

It was To the point

I had 3 interviews, it was tough, but fair.

Was a one day interview process

feedback is always given regardless if positive or negative outcome

The interview is a bunch of softball questions

Hiring manager was very down to earth

Virtual interview process was refreshing

It was all completed in one long day

Very fast and streamlined interview process

Talent aquisition team was amazing and my manager was very nice.

Flexible, fast and pleasant environment

Transparancy, feedback , professionalism of the people

Review from Marketing Dept

Easy and direct questions asked

Avarage to other complaies in the filed

Review from Marketing Dept

Questions asked are straightforward. The supervisor and manager are both friendly. Even when I got a question answered wrongly, they did not turn me down. I still got the job and they love how direct, open and honest I am.

Review from Operations Dept

positive attitude of the talent acquisition team,

Review from Finance Dept

Simple and easy with some information about the role provided

Review from Sales Dept

That the manager had a sense of gives you insight to how working on the team might be.

Review from Sales Dept

Good quality on the process. They are demanding, but friendly.

What would you improve about your company's interview process?

Questions that determine what motivates a person

Interviewing process is full of social nepotism. We see bad hires every day where the hiring manager knew who they wanted before interviews started even if that person interviews the worst and is the worst fit for the role.

Interview processes are not fair at all, lots of bias and favoritism instead of skill-based. Hiring managers frequently pick the least skilled candidates for a job due to favoritism and friendships. Person to hire is often chosen before interviews even begin.

Review from Engineering Dept

Faster turnaround for applicants, a more formal screening process and make better use of technology to improve the quality of candidates.

Review from Customer Support Dept

More relevant questions. Better ideas.

Review from Sales Dept

less people in interview process

Review from HR Dept
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