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Dell Technologies Leadership Employee Reviews

What do you like best about the leadership team?

Overall they are helpful and consistent.

Posted 16 days ago

Does not micro manage much

Their enthusiasm for Dell Technologies

They care about my career and growth.

Communication and annual strategy cascade.

They encourage a flexible work schedule and understand that life is happening and we cannot be all about work

Adaptability and the commitment to looking after each employee as a person and not a number

Very open and informal, while also providing great coaching and insights

everything is weird when it comes to leadership

Smart and the best in the industry

The are a team with leadership capabilities.

They care, they coach and the are great examples

Great at creating effective strategy.

Taking time to help with new tools

Decent people but too many politics games

Diversity, transparency, commitment to a great work environment.

The flexibility yo be able to work from home

Ethics, Freedom to work, Team member

Encourageing lot, leading by example!

Run the business very profitably

What does the leadership team need to get better at?

Not valued as a staff member.

Treating people with genuine respect

Be inclusive, dont discriminate and allow people of all color, age, differences to make a difference. Empower people to make an impact

Do what they say. Most of the time they talk a good game but don’t deliver. They are at best managers not leade

Stop letting older experienced employees go who can share knowledge to new employees

Listening to their team and not their overinflated ego. Not trying to please everyone but their team.

Fairness, truthful, support team building

Invest in employees careers. Your best people are always quitting because people leaders spend too much time making PowerPoint slides and too little time nurturing their teams and developing realistic career paths.

Communication, empathy, and allowing for socialisation among the workforce in a casual way, rather than bottlenecking into narrow social interest groups and forced team meetings.

Please treat everyone with kindness and value our effort

The managment undermines their employees

Treat your employees like people. Raise your pay. Better benefits. Encourage using PTO

There is no ownership in dell. No one check up you it like you have no job or mission

Review from Marketing Dept

Dell is being run by EMC now. They call the shots. Loosing customers to the cloud because of it.

Review from Sales Dept

Listening to their employees and not doing processes just to do them.

Review from Finance Dept

Reduce the amout of metrics driving decisions. Go back to delivering what made Dell better than anyone SERVICE and leverage what made EMC stand out from the crowd QUALITY. These things cost $$$$ Mr Dell you can't have it both ways.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Very manipulative and politically. No one is trusted

Review from Legal Dept

Upward mobility and the morale.

Review from Sales Dept

being transparent, realistic on what to go after

Review from Customer Support Dept

Having an inspiring detailed vision. There are huge important transformational projects underway but with no leaders guiding the ship.

Review from Engineering Dept

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  • Department - Operations
  • Department - Finance
  • Experience - Entry Level

Rated Dell Technologies Leadership the Lowest

  • Department - Legal
  • Tenure - 1 to 2 Years
  • Department - Communications
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