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Dell Technologies Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

My work, my team, and my boss.

Posted 17 days ago

the People, culture, and sustainability.

Getting a paycheck every other Friday

very very little these days

my team and my work

Able to resolve issues for customers

Being able to work from home

Right now, nothing. I'd appreciate more growth opps.

Everything that I do here makes me happy

They really care about their employees and the mission of the company

Smart colleagues, good compensation, WFH flexibility

My team, organisation, culture code

Work life balance and signing off for the day

the rare moments when co-workers can freely chat in a group, and clocking off at the end of the day.

Work life balance and perks

New challanges and possibility of personal development

Team building activities are fun

Review from Engineering Dept

People, total customer experience, winning

Review from Marketing Dept

Bonus and people around me

Diversity, progress, agility, life work balance

Review from Marketing Dept

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Low quality products and service

Review from Engineering Dept · Posted 11 days ago

Stop letting employees go who are older and experienced

Not challenging close to retirement

Review from Marketing Dept

Once again, Dell is late to the game. No real cloud strategy to beat AWS, Google and Microsoft. Edge or on-prem is not going to beat them.

Review from Sales Dept

mgmt needs to listen, focus on long term

Review from Operations Dept

Less Hours. Better pay. Better benefits.

Review from Sales Dept

It's transitioned to a transparently number driven job. It can definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Review from IT Dept

The executive level, c-suite and presidents and VPs need to align on the vision, strategy AND tactics. Hold people accountable for decisions. Leave staff/leadership in a role long enough to prove the victory they just claimed, and got credit for, is sustainable.

Review from Marketing Dept

All of it needs to be improved greatly

Review from IT Dept

opportunities to grow are limited, company preaches meritocracy but that's not what really happens.

Review from HR Dept

Lack of clear direction from CMO

Review from Marketing Dept

People lie outright. People get into power for no apparent reason. Favoritism is rife. People who have no idea what they're doing are running the show and getting rid of people who do know what they are doing.

Review from Product Dept

Our director told us we are just a number - nothing gets the best out of a person like telling them they are replaceable by almost anyone.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Less and less work hours

Review from Product Dept

More pay, better management/leadership, better benefits, shorter work week.

Review from Engineering Dept

The decision making and problem solving are too centralized, the engineers doing the work are too far from the the customers

Review from Engineering Dept

Hire more staff would help

Review from Customer Support Dept

VP and work life full balance

Review from Marketing Dept

Dell need more people on technical level like Amazon. Even Managers should be able to sit and code. Dell should get rid of people who can just talk and no innovation in the team.Dell should work in more restrictive and be more like a startup.

Review from Engineering Dept

Make workplace more enjoyable, not just a place to sit on a desk for 8hrs

Review from Engineering Dept

What do you like best about your company?

my manager, my collegue, my salary

Review from Finance Dept

Mr Dell. He is actually an inspiration, he has passion about tech, and loves doing good for the whole world.

Review from Engineering Dept

drive for results, setup new goals,

Review from Customer Support Dept

Benefits and people

Review from Product Dept

Stability, independence

Review from Marketing Dept

Diversity and opportunity

Review from Marketing Dept

Vacation time

Smart Engineer

Review from Engineering Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Need improvement in quality of managers and leadership. Too many managers with no experience in the functions that they manage, so they lack the vision to improve anything.

Review from Engineering Dept

flexibility for all level, not concerned some carrere level

Review from Finance Dept

break down the company goals into workstreams, capture inputs of downs

Review from Customer Support Dept

Inclusion and appreciation

Review from IT Dept


Review from Marketing Dept

Update systems and process

Review from Marketing Dept



Review from Engineering Dept

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