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Oracle Compensation Employee Reviews

What is the best part about your compensation package?

salary split and car package

Posted 14 days ago

RSU's in lieu of options

Posted 21 days ago

Great benefits and decent base dalary

Posted a month ago

It was more than I expected

Ability for compensation based on performance

Review from Sales Dept

Stocks. I get a decent amount of my compensation in stock

We get benefits credits that we can decide to spend on the benefits important to us

Review from Marketing Dept

RSU... reserved stock gifts are awesome

Good basic and commission structure. Health, transport subsidies are very good.

Review from Sales Dept

The benefits are fine, you are expected to figure them out by yourself but once you take the time to understand what's available it's not bad at all.

Medical and everything that is offered is great

Review from HR Dept

I believe it good but could better

Good competitive salary, good car leasing options

Review from IT Dept

Travel and stay in the best hotels; evening outings

Oracle offers a great benefit package. From unlimited vacation time to amazing health and life insurance

Review from Business Development Dept

Hourly pay and over time pay

Salary, bonus, RSU, ESPP, and all managed by NetSuite.

Quarterly bonuses that depend on our contribution to deals

great base salary, very aggressive commission plan as well.

Review from Sales Dept

I am an IC not a Sales Rep with bonus

Review from Operations Dept

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

Despite good performance, no increase in payment for 14 years.

Posted 7 days ago

Would be nice to be paid even remotely close to market. They pay 30% or more below market.

Posted 12 days ago

Oracle pay is significantly below the market

Posted 15 days ago

I hear fron recruiters for jobs that make 40k more than I make right now. This has happened to me at anorher company and I got a 30% raise. Oracle will never do that.

Posted 19 days ago

Stock options were not given at time of hire

below market level pay and benefits

Benefits like Housing Allowance should be included

They do not give yearly raises. Have only paid for internet during the pandemic, and overall still want to go back to office. I want a yearly raise, cost of living raise, work from home, and home office furniture

Oracle believes that only Exec's and top leadership should reap the benefits of the hard working employee's. It's been over a decade of doing more work with no pay increases, Job titles change, but compensation does not.

Review from Operations Dept

More transparency and a better increase on an annualized basis. Also, rewarding loyalty and focus. It seems Oracle only moves to reward people who are about to leave.

Below market average especially in high cost of living areas

Review from Business Development Dept

Only way to get promotions is via a dive and save, which they stopped doing over the last 4 years. Unwilling to pay market value in sales, yet face constant attrition to the competition. Haven't been offered additional equity since joining over 10 years ago.

My manager contstantly made racist comments such as "hey dont add your picture to your email Signature" then he turned around to my white female co-workers and told them to add pictires of themselves to their emails. When inwould go ask for help to learn, he would tell me to go stick it.

Ic4 in seattle on Shepherd making the same as ic2s on my team. All compensation here is randomly given and commonly performance reviews are canceled altogether. They can't even keep their most important teams happy. Clueless Oracle HQ only gets in the way and makes life harder in OCI.

severely under valued based on what competitors are offering in the market place

Yes definitely I feel I’m undervalued

Review from Product Dept

External hires make more than any prompted internal person. A track record of success is not enough.

Review from Sales Dept

Good performance is only verbally recognized, reciews do not lead to pay raises.

Need a defined bonus plan. Increased equity. Lower level employess arent usually given any equity, which is not competitive.

Not paid good money and kpis have a negative impact on selling

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672 employees at Oracle score their wages and compensation a C- on average. As a testament to this, when employees are asked “Do you believe you're paid fairly?”, 46% say Yes. The HR department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 79/100, a full 29 pts above the Product department. If you want detailed data about Oracle's wages, see the <a href="">wage breakdown by department, job titles, locations, and more.</a>

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