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Oracle Environment Employee Reviews

What is most positive about the culture and environment at your company?

Homeoffice; nice new offices; good team spirit;

Posted 15 days ago

The people make the culture and the environment positive

Posted 15 days ago

move up or you are moved out management style

Posted 21 days ago

Great tech culture but oldschool vibe

Posted a month ago

There is good work life balance

Mentorship - coworkers at Oracle want you to succeed and are excited to help you progress your career in any way they can

Review from Sales Dept

The leadership team for my GBU is beyond fantastic. Great balance of accountability with empathy.

lots of recognition for performance

Review from Business Development Dept

Everyone is friendly. More words

We believe in what were building.

Diversity and inclusion, pride in what we are doing and what our products enable

Review from Marketing Dept

working from home, workers are trusted to complete there work.

Good facilities. Used to have a good vibe until a new ountry manager was employed, following a spate of bad results. This manager seemed to have been employed to fire everyone he thought was not performing. He had no effective or good business strategies, liked to manage by fear

Review from Sales Dept

Young people's energy and enthusiasm.

If corporate buzz words and generic feel-good emails are enough to get you by, then this is the place to work. If you want more than empty promises and meaningless buzzwords, I would avoid working here.

Inclusivity and the quality of the work and of the people

Review from HR Dept

Good so far. I am enjoying it

my team, company culture is not good

Diverse, listen to input, fun company events

Review from IT Dept

Truly integration, great atmosphere. Great work environment. After feeling trapped in a bad culture for so many years it feels amazing to work here

Review from Business Development Dept

What needs to change to make the company culture better?

More respect for individual employees.

Posted 7 days ago

Fire toxic "leaders" who dont have a clue how to create a fun environment that encourages innovation and openness.

Posted 12 days ago

Ceo, and his team of directs need to change

Leadership. Basically the lack of clear goals and constant reorg's impact productivity. Oracle has several programs for Co. culture, but management does not follow it.

Review from Operations Dept

don’t use public shame as a means of “motivati

Review from Business Development Dept

Start caring about your employees. It's a culture of finger pointing and failure. No marketing to generate pipeline for sales.

The nepotism and the politics. Its not growth centered, its a lot of favoritism.

More collaborative activities at workplace

Review from Product Dept

Culture of secrety . No real care for employees

Review from Sales Dept

Stop rewarding toxic and bad behavior.

Diversity, customer focus, employees focus, Fair pay between male and female

Award programs reinstated. Diversity. More active engagement from CEO.

Stop treating OCI like it is the only org of any value. Change your hiring bar to eliminate the arrogant self important people who actually know nothing about working as a team. Stop the endless rolling layoffs and threats. Stop expecting 14-16 hour days and piling on endless work.

Review from Customer Support Dept

inclusive decision making is needed; all decision making is hierarchical. Everyone is afraid to stand up to their boss

Review from Product Dept

Reward innovators and people who take responsibility. Allow for mistakes. There is a culture that doesn't want to do anything for fear of doing something wrong.

Review from Finance Dept

Senior Management is failing the employees

Review from Sales Dept

the workflow are good and they need to improve some little things

Review from IT Dept

Management needs to do better at caring for their employees

Review from Marketing Dept

Too many competing priorities and conflicting messages makes for constant confusion and infighting.

Review from Sales Dept

keep a consistent gtm, and be transparent. seek out our opinions from the bottom and actually listen to them. i've been moved around WAY too much

Review from Sales Dept

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6th place versus 5 competitors rated on Comparably

The environment at Oracle is considered positive by 67% of employees and regarded as having a “comfortably fast” work pace by 175 employees. Relative to its competitors, Workday, SAP, IBM, Microsoft, and Accenture (US), Oracle's environment score ranks in 6th place. This also puts them in the Bottom 40% of 1188 similar sized companies (10,000+ Employees) on Comparably and Bottom 25% of 718 companies in San Francisco.

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