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Oracle Team Employee Reviews

What are some of the best things about your team?

I like their solidarity, friendliness, and competence.

Posted 7 days ago

Work with a few bright people but the best ones leave.

Posted 12 days ago

We help esch other in all situations

Posted 14 days ago

The team is very dedicated

Posted 15 days ago

Professional, domain expertise, structured aithoring

Posted 19 days ago

they are from all over the world

Posted 21 days ago

Work hard and fun to wirk with

Posted a month ago

Helpful, interactive, professional, Enthusiastic, Fun

They are always willing to help others

Supportive, communicative, ambitious, friendly, driven

Review from Sales Dept

The people and teams are the only redeeming qualities here.

Review from Operations Dept

Dedication from my direct reports is phenomenal.

Really caring about each other, always helpful and responsive

Review from Marketing Dept

teams meetings are great, all hands meetings lately aren't of much value

Good work ethic, knowledgeable, helpful

Review from Sales Dept

Come together to get the job done.

Team is helpful, supportive and highly intelligent and efficient

Review from HR Dept

Great teamwork, welcoming and thoughtful

all works well together team

my team is really knowledgeable, we work smart, and there's no politics between us

What do your coworkers need to improve and how could you work together better?

More collaboration rather than working in silos

Review from Product Dept

love them the team is amazing

Review from Sales Dept

The turnaround is absolutely insane. Oracle uses and abuses its employees so hard that most people stick around for as little time as possible. That results in teams of completely untrained people training newer untrained people. It's an absolute mess.

Best workers left for better culture and pay

Coworkers are 20yrs behind the times at best and just lingering on for retirement.

Too many ex-amazon folks that like to dump on people.

Review from Product Dept

The team who worked FOR me was excellent. My peers and managers were arrogant nasty people who thought they were the best things ever. Lack of communication, infighting, hostility, incompetence, etc. I have nothing good to say about many in OCI. Other teams that I've worked with are much better.

Review from Customer Support Dept

treat each other with respect, be humble

Review from Product Dept

Be more collaborative and cross team communication needs to improve. Too many silos.

Review from Sales Dept

Have an agenda. Have accountability. Avoid having irrelevant parties in meetings.

Review from Finance Dept

More structured communication given we are all remote.

Review from Sales Dept

Being the team that we are supposed to be. Instead company makes everyone fight due to only one can make a bonus

Review from Engineering Dept

I love the team I work with. There are a few rotten eggs but isn't that normal?

Review from Marketing Dept

Improve skills and efficiency in new innovative technologies

Review from Product Dept

More face to face interaction vs. the online meetings that predominate now

Review from Marketing Dept

Teamwork instead of so much division.

Review from Sales Dept

There is not a team environment. Everyone is left in thier own silos

Review from Sales Dept

Get rid of Closed office culture. Need to move everyone in open offices so there are no ivory towers.

Review from Product Dept

Some of them just need to be more intelligent. Others just need to pay attention.

Review from Sales Dept

We need to have more communication and knowledge sharing.

Review from HR Dept

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Oracle's team score is currently ranked in the Top 50% of similar sized companies on Comparably and placed 6th among its competitors. 80% of Oracle employees look forward to interacting with coworkers while 51% believe their company meetings are effective. Among the various teams at Oracle, the Legal department ranks the highest in team score.

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