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Oracle Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

Interesting challenges and joint work with my co-workers

Posted 15 days ago

Earning money of course! The thrill of the closing.

Posted a month ago

When I get to learn something new

Mentorship & collaboration between C-suite, executives, and entry-level workers

Review from Sales Dept

My team and my executive leadership team.

Free coffee and coding :)

Having an impact on improving the quality of life for engineers that need better tooling to succeed in a DevOps environment. Especially with the conditions Oracle put us through regarding stress and fake fire fighting as you have a team of TPMs paging you all day breathing down your neck.

Feeling I am making a valuable contribution to the business

Review from Marketing Dept

Impact on customer success, opportunity to innovate, build things, collaborate and win!

working remotely and a management team that smooths any issues needed.

Having clear expectations and fair compensation for quality of work.

The nature of the work and the compensation received for the work

Review from HR Dept

Team, mentoring, leadership, training availability

Working with my team, but im not confident on my leadership team

Part of a great team

Review from IT Dept

People of all likes and backgrounds

That I learn every day and that I know I can trust the people around me

Review from Business Development Dept

There is nothing that doesnt make me happy

the people and the new projects

Strategizing around a deal and coming together with coworkers to brainstorm

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Customers are being treated with only very little respect. This definitely needs to be changed.

Posted 7 days ago

Standardize processes and become a cloud company. Learn how to improve customer experience

Posted 19 days ago

Lack of respect, treating employees as disposible resources. Oracle does not actually consider experience a benefit.

Review from Operations Dept

Oracle doesnt treat customers right, too many sales teams cause frustration and confusion.

Review from Business Development Dept

Products offer little value. Zero post sales support. CSMs are only for large accounts and even those resources are off shore. Support completely useless with no accountability to meet SLAs.

Customers think oracle employees are lazy and don't care, which may be true in some cases, but the honest truth is we are set up to fail by oracle corporate itself. We are swamped by a massive regular workload, and on top of that we are expected to do other roles that oracle just doesnt want to hire

Stop pushing cloud on customers

Culture should change and leadership team should consider the changes as most important thing

Review from Sales Dept

40yrs of abusing customers because there was no real alternative has now come to a head with aws. Now that they have developed alternates to the entire tech stack Oracle relies on there's no going back

Customer like the technology but hate our bisiness rules , complexity of contracts. They complain a lot

The way customers were treated in the past still haunts the company.

Too many hops to jump through and contracts. To embed Oracle's products customer has to become an OPN member ($), then OPN Track member ($), then sign multiple contracts (3 or more). For Cloud it is even crazier. Nothing is simple at Oracle, and then if there is a misunderstanding they want legal

Review from Sales Dept

compensation for oci is too low

Micromanagement by high level mangement

Review from Product Dept

Innovation is dead, they are just chasing what everyone else does and executing poorly. Needs to truly innovate and lead with new products that no one has thought of yet - they are just followers. Stop the arrogance. Stop treating customers like garbage. Make things more simple.

Review from Customer Support Dept

missing go-to-market strategy, no effective messaging, brand awareness outside US

Review from Sales Dept

No carrots, no sticks. Good performance isn't rewarded, bad performance isn't punished.

Review from Product Dept

work on culture and consistency with metrics and territories

Review from Sales Dept

Secrecy and lack of integrity

Review from Sales Dept

They know the culture is terrible and our jobs are meaningless so theyre not willing to take meetings

What do you like best about your company?

The only enterprise software company that can manage and deliver a unified experience to customers across the stack from infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS), integration and application (SaaS) services.

The people and the supportive culture within our global business unit.

Review from Sales Dept

work life balance is ok

Review from Product Dept

Our Chicago team's culture and learning opportunities!

Freedom to pursue the work as I feel is best.

Review from Sales Dept

The wide variety of positions available to grow.

Review from IT Dept

Market leader in multiple arenas

Review from IT Dept

Flexible work hours

Review from IT Dept

Feeling a part of the success

Review from Legal Dept

Open doors

Review from Product Dept


Review from Product Dept


Review from Operations Dept

WOrk from home

Review from IT Dept

Great technology. Ability to execute

Review from Engineering Dept

Quality of some of the people I work with

Review from Engineering Dept

Casual work environment with very casual work dress code

Freedom and flexibility

Review from Product Dept

Lots of bright people.

Travel is encouraged

Review from Sales Dept

Working from home, good work life balance

Review from Engineering Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

the sales structure, it currently is ineffective

Review from Business Development Dept

A greater emphasis on employee experience, training, education, and professional development.

Integrity, communication, gender gap , application of policies

Review from Sales Dept

Diversity and compensation. We don't have diverse candidates and we also do not pay to retain good talent.

Review from Sales Dept

dedication towards work. most leaders just believe in 'winging it'.

Review from Product Dept

Career growth opportunities and promoting from within vs. hiring outside of Oracle.

Teamwork and leadership being more transparent about decisions and direction of the salesforce.

Review from Sales Dept

Benefits could be better in terms of PTO

Review from IT Dept

Doesn't seem to be room for growth

Review from Engineering Dept

Needs to modernize - the pace of business, adoption of new technology,

Review from Marketing Dept

Step into the modern age for software development, IT and security

Review from IT Dept

Clear career paths

Review from IT Dept

More consistent raises

Review from Legal Dept


Review from Product Dept

Review process

Review from Product Dept

How to advance

Review from Operations Dept

Too much red tape. Annoying bosses. No commitment to employees

Review from Engineering Dept

Managerial team to articulate a vision and stick with it

Review from Engineering Dept

Pay raises, promotions and recognition

Salary increases

Review from Sales Dept

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