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AT&T Environment Employee Reviews

What is most positive about the culture and environment at your company?

Learning opportunities forward looking projects

Posted 16 days ago

diversity is the most positive about the culture and environment.

Posted 19 days ago

My operating unit's culture is positive and genuine, as compared to AT&T's corporate two-faced approach to culture, values and ethics which are entirely situational.

Nothing is positive except the people i work with

We are all professionals and treat eayother as such

The diversity and the way we work together as a team

our customers are great and the promotions we have

great people i work with. in my role. higher ups are not so great.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Interacting with each other and motivating each other.

I have a understanding and supportive manager.

Diversity among coworkers makes it interesting on a personal level

Review from Sales Dept

Work from home and high pay for "managing" accounts.

Diversity played a huge roll within our company as we were about as diversified as they come.

The team aspect is a huge plus

Coworkers are funny ans keep it light

the company does a good job of driving towards diversity and inclusivity

There is nothing positive about working here

Management had made the work environment intolerable

Very inclusive for minorities only. If you are a white woman you will get the worst of the worse. Don't worry if youre a white man though, you'll get a promotion and a raise every year!

The importance of diversity and inclusion

What needs to change to make the company culture better?

Workers need to be respected. The conduct policy needs to apply to management too. Thy need to stop firing people for any reason and dump the barbaric metric system that gauges thing not even relevant to the job.

Posted 18 days ago

Better life management and caring more about my health

The shade is really here anyone who says they liked or loved working here probably never been under half the percentile of the team for two months or your know what the bad reviews come from but trust me when it happens just come back and update your reviews. So sad what we have to do as a managers

Review from Executive Dept

New management and employess lacking knowledge need constant training and customer service at the top of list or all terminated.

Get rid of the upper management. Hire people that cares about technician

Leadership does nothing but place pressure on employees to perform, most do not know how to motivate or build solid relationships with their teams. Stop turning a blind eye to questionable actions to reach goals.

Stop outsourcing employees and rebadging

Review from Finance Dept

Less basing reviews on rumors and what is heard

Prioritize efficiency and training over being a public cheerleader. That way, true results can surface and progress can begin. Also, stop looking so disloyal and sleezy to the public and your front line. There are competitors that can/have gained on our losses

Strategic understanding of current market opportunities, complete failure of strategic foresight and implementation by Senior Leadership

I doubt it will ever get better. Needs to go back to the Cingular days

Less ceo bonuses .. more to retirees

Review from Business Development Dept

office politics seems to trump all decisions.

New leadership at the top. Stankey is terrible

HAVE a company culture that isnt full of buzzwords and Feel good themes that never apply

The leadership. Drain that worthless swamp from the top down.

Thorough investigation of accusations and reasoning behind releasing security personnel, based off bias unfair opinions

Overhaul of the leadership and company culture. Company is in desperate need of an outside CEO or Chairman with a completely different style and vision to take over and reinvigorate the company and its employees.

less stress from our top management, they want to make much more work with the same personnel.

Value people that work and not give higher pay to minorities just because they are minorities.

Review from Engineering Dept

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The environment at AT&T is considered positive by 64% of employees and regarded as having a “comfortably fast” work pace by 272 employees. Relative to its competitors, Frontier Communications, Verizon, Windstream, Sprint, and Vodafone, AT&T's environment score ranks in 5th place. This also puts them in the Bottom 45% of 1188 similar sized companies (10,000+ Employees) on Comparably and Bottom 40% of 106 companies in Dallas.

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