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AT&T Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

Being able to assist my customers

I like to meet new people and help provide knowledge and expertise with our customers

When customers come in and they are frandly and also when i sell a lot.

Review from Sales Dept

The people a d customers

Lately nothing, 15 years ago, everything

Interacting with my team to resolve our customers needs

It makes me happy to educ. Other agents and solving problems for customers and changing their negative attitude.

coffee break in the afternoon

When the customers are satisfied

I manage my time as if it were my valuable business.

Getting the job done right.

Working from home and most weekends are three day weekend.

Pulling together a new schedule each time there was a discrepancy w/senority, New hourly slots, Vacations, etc. Then 2 rush 2 put on excel b4 having a deadline of say, noon on Friday 4 the schedule starting out on Saturday. Sometimes having 2 pull together who wants what (by seniority) 4-5 times b4.

Getting commission or beinf able to lewve early

When I have a project where I can immerse myself

Socializing with my coworkers. Working together.

My Team is the reason i am still at work to be honest

in this moment working at home

Helping my customers operate their network effectively

Execution of a project and Team Discussions

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

A lot of hidden fees and charges and customers can’t access the account port

Posted 7 days ago

Pay needs to be increased for store reps if they want to keep great employees

Posted a month ago

Time to change "leadership". Clearly has not been effective vs all peer metrics.

Our website and app always tell customers to call us even when they don’t want to and we can’t hang up unless someone is ra

Review from Executive Dept

Lazy employees and managers require extensive customer service classes..Pull store videos starting February 8 to present.. You would be amazed .

everything att tries to 'fix' ends up being worse.

Review from Customer Support Dept

No executive interest in customer care or accurate bills

Review from Finance Dept

Customer service is a joke and departments lack communication and they don’t follow the same S

Review from Sales Dept

Focus on systems (POS, knowledge base, tech support, etc). Focus on accountability. Focus on diversity in management(not only in appearance, but thought processes). Everyone is a slave to groupthink. Exercise constant, & fair ethical practices. Internal criminals run att streets laughing at policy.

I just wish my boss would go elsewhere

Get rid of the greed. Establish employee trust. Get a true company goal.

No supplie to meet customers expectations

Funding OAN had created very negative responses too the company

They forget the customers are the reason the company is where it is.

Upper management has their head in the sand... caring more about stock holders than the employees who work the front lines and have dedicated their lives to safe and ethical work standards

Review from Business Development Dept

Fire a majority of executives, no one is in charge of anything and we pay them each over $1mil for nothing. Give out yearly bonuses you selfish jerks. Pay your employees a LIVABLE wage. Stop pretending like this company is a "family" with a "great culture". Everyone hates eachother.

We are the telephone company and can't seem to shake that old "utility" image.

Care about customers, not just profits

I believe that company that makes bilions of dollars a year can afford to have better tools for its agents than the ones that crash all the time. Beyond that employees should never be rated negatively due to company errors. Theres is always a way to invest more money into execution of our promise.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Put out a quality product that employees can be proud of and customers can be wowed with.

What do you like best about your company?

Opportunities and ability to move around.

Review from IT Dept

Opportunity for advancement

Review from Customer Support Dept

Innovation. AT&T is not afraid of change.

Review from Sales Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Speed, More young crowd and more focus on innovation than cost.

Review from IT Dept

Culture and priorities

Review from Business Development Dept

Commission structure

Review from Sales Dept

Job stability

Review from IT Dept

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AT&T's Outlook is scored a C- by 2718 employee ratings based upon answers to questions such as “How confident are you about the future success of your company?” AT&T's Outlook score negatively contributes to their overall culture score, due partly to the fact that the Business Development department’s negative scores cause Outlook to be one of AT&T's weaker culture attributes amongst employees. Use the filters below to understand AT&T employee perspectives by Department, Gender, Ethnicity, and Experience. Last updated today ago.

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