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Lumen (formerly CenturyLink) Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

The people make me The lost hapoy


Review from Communications Dept

My leadership, coworkers, the compensation and company mission.

Review from Sales Dept

Learning from other employees worldwide.

Building things for our customers.

The other employees and the interactions

Review from Engineering Dept

Friendly atmosphere, guidance is excellent!

Review from Finance Dept

That is hard to pinpoint, I have applied for jobs above where I currently am trying to climb the ladder. I have applied roughly 45 times for various positions that are posted and have interviewed for nearly all of them, I have been turned down every time. I used to think moving up, now, nothing

readiness to help each other

The work that I do has meaning.

Review from HR Dept

executing day to day work before TAT

Review from IT Dept

When the callers are kind and respectful.

Review from Customer Support Dept

all of the people I get to work with and learn from.

Review from Operations Dept

Co workers and my job duties

Review from IT Dept

Ability to help customers resolve their issues

Review from Customer Support Dept

The calls I get the feeling I actually helped someone

Review from Sales Dept

Like my job and like my coworkers

the freedom and flexibility to get my job done; i'm not micromanaged

Review from Operations Dept

Working with people to solve problems.

Review from Operations Dept

Contributing to the future of electronic communications.

Review from Operations Dept

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

poor cusotmer support, only top 10 cusotmers vioces are heard.

Posted 20 days ago

Raises its been a long time

Sell us off let us find new life with new management Ceo shoukd be in prison along with all telecom CEOs all of them only care about their pay

Review from Operations Dept

Well the company is not advertising and doing nothing

Proper sale percentage payment calculations

Leadership is out of touch with everything and everyone is too "pc".

Stop micromanaging and number mincing your employees that actually make the place run. Let the techs do their JOBS to help customers.. Stop forcing them to meet arbitrary numbers that mean nothing in the long run besides a few saved pennies while you lose dollars in customers.

Jobs under consumer ate constantly reduced making it impossible to deliver what the customer expects. People find themselves doing work of 3 jobs with no raise in over 6 years

Miscommunications all around, useless updates and patches, lack of training on new products

My suggestions will never be taken seriously by anyone in management

Lumen?? Not friendly on customers servixe

Do yiour trsearch !!!! Ask the aberage workef

Start caring for and supporting the customer in getting the service he is paying for

They just laid off half of the technician work force in the area. They cannot meet customer commitments, they cannot keep their word on anything.

The company needs to focus on plant maint

More training for all onboards

Contact and investment is severly lacking

Outsourced call centers with scripted dialoge and no technical abilities, which customers hate.

Put a focus back on doing it right THE FIRST TIME! And stop sending the work to bendors & out of country!

Review from Sales Dept

Lumen should value its employees more and invest in them, through training, benefits and better compensation. Raises should be given at least every 2 years, and employees should be consulted about their career goals and where they'd maybe like to advance through the company.

What do you like best about your company?

Inspiring vision and leadership team. Fantastic intranet and product portfolio.

Great growth potential.

I can work from home

Review from Engineering Dept


Review from Engineering Dept

Opportunity to learn about network and how not to treat customers

Review from Sales Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

rationalization of product portfolio (there are over 300)

Process and systems

Career opportunity and growth

Review from Engineering Dept


Review from Engineering Dept

Good old boys club founded by legacy telecom management. Get them out!

Review from Sales Dept

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