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What makes you most happy at work?

I love to drive I love to meet the people at the other shops

Posted 8 days ago

We we we we we

Posted a month ago

Knowing that I am giving my customers the correct parts to keep them going and safe.

Review from Sales Dept

Lots of deliveries and being out of the store environment!

Review from Sales Dept

I enjoy what i do and enjoy the people i work with

Great Co workers, strong leadership

Interacting with the people I've spent years forging relationships with.

Getting to play my radio station and having high volume sales, meeting my goals

The response/compliments from commercial contracts.

Clocking out at 5:30 every day

Helping others get back on the road

Review from Operations Dept

Customer satisfaction, repeat customers, accountability, and following through.

Customer service and co workers

Review from Sales Dept

Getting to know coworkers and learning ew things fr

The people i work with and the regular customers that come in. Its nice to know them on a first name basis.

Review from Product Dept

It use to be the team but that when with the district manager and store manager

the end of the day, leaving

Accomplishing tasks assigned to me

My team and our amazing commerical customers. Being able to talk to them everyday is great.

Helping the customers with their problem repairs

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

New manager and treat equally

Review from Customer Support Dept · Posted 16 days ago

Pay me I worked already earned it now still not paid been four weeks

Posted a month ago

The internet is offering better pricing and availability. Most employees aren't educated or trained enough to provide proper service. Most employees don't even know how to look up a car properly and don't read any special details of model specific parts. Too much to even state in 300 words honestly.

Treat your employees better and you will see a difference

more focus on managers doing their jobs correctly. brake pad in front of the store!

By being accountable for ones actions.

Clean up the store, clear off the register counter so one can reach the computer key.

We only have a few employees that do everything, and hit our goals, but we still don't make any money. We make money for the company, but they don't give back. GREED.

Like they say it all starts with the manager, very negative , no kind of leadership skills

Review from Operations Dept

people buy from people. with the high turnover rate the downward spiral won't stop until the turnover rate slows down

Fire the old guard from ceo down to store level and bring up those that actually had to work in the damn stores

pay the people that have been there longer more than the people that are just starting it cause a very negative place to work

I am a manager and need to be heard. I love the company and stand for what is right. I treat others with a great amount of dignity and respect. I expect the same. My Advance Auto leadership has failed me and the company. They are not recognizing the passion and talent right in front of them. PEOPLE

Spend money to hire good people

cleanliness, the rest of the team actually stepping up with positive attitudes, better leadership, and a store manager who actually gives a damn about her employees and honors her agreements with them and not undermine them

They suck at every aspect

Retain quality employees which your not.

Review from Operations Dept

Systems are horrible. I am typing this on a day that our entire POS system was down for several hours. COMPANYWIDE. Significant failure. One that is all too common. HR is terrible. We have been understaffed since the beginning of the pandemic. GMs working 7 days. No help from above.

Better training, better pay, better communication

The culture is awful. No tolerance for diversity of thought

What do you like best about your company?

Ability to stack Speed Perks.

Meeting new people

Review from Sales Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Pay. And assistance in staffing. Flyers don't do it. And let us roll over vacation hours, since a majority of employees can't take them, due to lack of coverage.

Pay rate

Review from Sales Dept

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