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McDonald's Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

talking with colleagues on shift

Posted 3 days ago

Talking with fun coworkers and managers making small talk when we aren't busy.

Posted 9 days ago

The vibes of having a good crew trainer like me and a wonderful supervision of managers as well as the crews that are very active and happy to work

Posted 22 days ago

The ability to listen to Music

Colleauges who can get things done

Customers. Team. Work environment !

Interacting with customers the same ones multiple times a week

Seeing the most smiles on there faces

Just been at work and making other people happy

Getting paid my pocket change check and going home.

The thoroughly thought work process, high pace (you never get bored), opportunity to serve and be a part of great team

Helping fill the stomachs of hungry people.

Music and coming on time to get everthing done.

Review from Customer Success Dept

Food was best ever seen

Review from Operations Dept

Working with the people I like.

About the team work . Gaining more skills in hospitality.

Everyone should take care of eachother

Review from Customer Support Dept

Lunch and breaks and closed

Review from Marketing Dept

when its my turn to go on break

Seeing our customers and line employees

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Let the employees use the restroom as needed. Do not deny them the use of the bathroom.

Posted 8 days ago

Inefficiency of service staff leads to customers waiting for food too long and incorrect orders being given out

Posted 25 days ago

They hate us we hate them they're we're rude back they started it they're not always right

Respect the workers more. Pay better, give a discount we make minimium wage thenbhave to pay for our food at full price

The quality of orders needs to be improved

To many things to list and McDonald's isnt a lifer job anyway

We are understaffed alot so orders never make it out on time and with all the new hires alot of the time it's just a sandwich made wrong

They need to stop gossiping & work fire the managers & lazy workers

Better management, treat employees fairly

Review from Sales Dept

Company should only be hiring qualified managers,

Counter help should understand and speak fluent English, if they want be bring the company to the next level, this is the bottom line

Hire more people to equal out all three shifts.

Give the opportunity to news ideas and new talents that understand and have ideas on how to make the business move forward

Review from HR Dept

We need better management because it seems the only time we care about actually trying to make stuff clean or make the store look presentable is when corporate comes in

Review from Sales Dept

Over worked, under paid, and under staffed = extremely exhausted employees

Review from Customer Success Dept

Managers and crew trainers can actually train people. The scheduling of the staff can be a lot better cause we only have 5 people working many times in the evening and it's unacceptable.

Review from Product Dept

Need a huge overhaul and consider massive reshuffle

Review from HR Dept

Finding a better job that's not stressful

Review from Sales Dept

Everything an idol if it can the whole store is messed up

Review from Executive Dept

Customer service is not that great

What do you like best about your company?

The managers and my coworkers

The free discounts and hours

Review from Product Dept

We move as a unit

Review from Sales Dept

being occupied with given tasks

Review from Sales Dept

I love the team work and the fast paced environment

Review from Customer Support Dept

friendships I have made there with other people

Review from Sales Dept

The college benefits and many other employers like former McDonald's employees bc we know how to work fast and hard

Review from Sales Dept

The money I earn for being a manager.

Review from Product Dept

They easily gave me my first job

the food and the discount on food

Great people and awesome bosses


Review from Product Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Nothing at all would be my best answer

The area and spaces quality

Review from Product Dept

Harder workers in the stores

Review from Sales Dept

management and how they communicate

Review from Sales Dept

Some speed in different positions

Review from Customer Support Dept

pay rate compensation to all employees and bring back free meals to employees

Review from Sales Dept

Better pay for the employes

For all the managers to agree on policies and procedures. Also, there are more managers than employees so, you always have several managers giving you tasks at the same time.

Review from Customer Support Dept

the team work is really a problem , and allot of call ins

Better employee benefits/incentives

advancement opportunities

Review from Product Dept

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