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Working At Rent-A-Center

We are not in the retail business. We're in the relationship business… relationships built on respect. We believe in creating a culture of service that respects the lives of our customers and coworkers. In return they believe in us as well. Each and every one of our team members lives up to the highest standards of service. Behind all of our good efforts are great people. Championing our core values of: Having a Winning Spirit - We work hard and are self-motivated to exceed epectations. Acting with a Servants Heart - We have a passion for making good things happen for all. Treating Others How We Want to Be Treated - We treat one another with respect, humility and consideration.

How employees describe working at Rent-A-Center

I am a long time coworker that has seen RAC evolve into the awesome Company it is becoming. I look forward to seeing what we evolve into.

Great Leadership and Culture! Excited about our growth!

Review from Operations Dept

This is the last place I ever want to work.

Everyone works well together as a team!

I was hired during the pandemic during a time of rapid growth. Since, we have continued to build and grow without stopping. The leaders have a clear vision and are focused on being great now, but better in the future. I respect and appreciate those I work with and work for. Not easy but worth it.

Review from Marketing Dept
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What it's like to work at Rent-A-Center

  • Rent-A-Center employees generally work 10.4 hrs a day
  • Employees at Rent-A-Center report the work pace is comfortably fast
  • 99% of Rent-A-Center employees look forward to interacting with their team every day
  • Rent-A-Center employees most often take 20-30 paid vacation and sick days each year
  • 76% of Rent-A-Center employees report they are happy with their work life balance
  • Rent-A-Center employees typically get valuable feedback on how to improve at work Every Week
  • 94% of Rent-A-Center employees call their work environment positive

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67% of Rent-A-Center employees would encourage their friends to become coworkers, whereas 24% are neutral and 9% would not recommend working at Rent-A-Center to their friends.

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