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What makes you most happy at work?

My team members and variety of work.

Meeting the challenges, hype growth opportunity, serving others, rewarding work, working with great people

Review from Customer Success Dept

Work in company with a good soul

Review from Sales Dept

Interacting with my colleagues makes work fun and enjoyable.

It's hard to capture just one item here but I'd have to say the people.

Best part is the co-workers, easy to go to work when you work with such talented and easy to work with individuals

Review from HR Dept

The people I work with and the positive contributions we make.

Review from HR Dept

I think it's the security, the job that is constantly evolving.

The new challenges I encounter every day give me the opportunity to learn and grow week in week out

watch the success of our team and fast growth of the company!

Making good things work for the customers.

The challenges I'm constantly facing make my work difficult but also interesting.

My coworkers, manager, and the work I do. It is meaningful work that makes me feel accomplished.

I enjoy the challenging, fast-paced work that I get to do, and no two days are ever the same, so it allows me to learn and grow with the company as I experience new things that will only help me develop as my career here continues.

Accomplishing work related to each release cycle, seeing our working product being used by our customers.

Engaging with my immediate team

confidence in doing a good job.

Review from Sales Dept

Learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge every day. No two days are the same.

Review from Engineering Dept

Great team with a positive attitude.

Review from Sales Dept

Knowing that I work somewhere where what we do makes a positive change in the world and the fantastic people I get to work with

Review from HR Dept

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

The company needs to listen to feedback that it is being offered on a regular basis. Customers and employees alike have chosen to be extremely transparent in the best interest of the company and yet nothing changes.

The brightest engineers and researchers in the company aren't working in the right teams for growth and revenue. Make brave decisions about where people work, and who. Don't lose your bright engineers to another company by not figuring out they should be moved to another product.

Stop caring about individual customers and pursue a strategy of overall accuracy.

The culture is toxic and getting worse by the week.

Review from Engineering Dept

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Tenable's Outlook is scored an A+ by 831 employee ratings based upon answers to questions such as “How confident are you about the future success of your company?” Tenable's Outlook score helps to boost their overall culture score, due partly to the fact that the IT department’s positive scores help Outlook to be one of Tenable's stronger culture attributes. Use the filters below to understand Tenable employee perspectives by Department, Gender, Ethnicity, and Experience. Last updated months ago.

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