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Uber Compensation Employee Reviews

What is the best part about your compensation package?

Competitive salary was much better than my 5 other offers

Review from Design Dept · Posted 7 days ago

ESPP plan, RSU grants, and bonuses add up.

Review from Design Dept · Posted 7 days ago

Equality and diversity of compensations offered

Review from Product Dept · Posted 7 days ago

I'm a big fan of the Uber credits! It helps subsidize my spend every month giving me more opportunities to use finances on other important life materials.

Posted 10 days ago

Bonus and days off flexibility

Review from HR Dept · Posted 10 days ago

Yearly bonus and salary increase Uber Credits Well-being Allowance Uber Stocks

Posted 10 days ago

The stocks options are great, Uber credits and discounts, etc.

Posted 10 days ago

Salary appraisal and monthly incentives

Posted 11 days ago

Equity refresh is good ha

Review from HR Dept · Posted 11 days ago

Being paid market value, as well as equity plan

Posted 11 days ago

Bonuses and Shares are a big plus!

Posted 19 days ago

Comp is very competitive for my market

Review from Engineering Dept · Posted 19 days ago

3 components - Base, Target bonus and equity are the best part

Posted 19 days ago

Uber credits, wellbeing allowance, free breakfast and lunch!

Review from HR Dept · Posted 24 days ago

The benefits and the flexibility I have to work from home at my own schedules

Review from HR Dept · Posted 24 days ago

The uber Credits we get every month

Posted a month ago

Great pay and unlimited PTO!

Posted a month ago

competitive base salary, generous annual bonus, great equity package, wellbeing allowance, phone allowance, Uber credits and so on

Posted a month ago

Medical insurance is fantastic. Best I have ever had

Review from Customer Support Dept · Posted a month ago

The uber credits and insurance

Posted a month ago

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

The benefits are amazing but sometimes seem frivolous. I would prefer a higher wage. Most of all, we need some form of employee match for our 401K. Most of the employees are under 30, but this is a major issue. I would feel much better buying my own lunch and the company contributing to my 401K

Posted 11 days ago

I've only been employed for 9 months, but already I am overwhelmed by requests and projects because I am the only one in my organization who does what I do. I don't believe the hours I've been putting in is equal to the compensation I'm receiving.

Review from Operations Dept · Posted 11 days ago

401k match, market value salary ranges, WFH flexibility

Review from HR Dept · Posted 21 days ago

I see some teams or department are paid above market average or tech market average however some department outside of Sales and operations are under the market average

Posted 25 days ago

While benefits are awesome, comp seems to be on the low end of the scale as compared to competitors. Not hitting top ranges of salary band and not getting promoted as quickly as expected.

Posted a month ago

competitive market pay instead of at market

Review from HR Dept · Posted a month ago

Offers from other employers have consistently been higher / more compelling.

Review from Operations Dept

I don't like that I had to take a pay cut in salary and in bonus in order to grow in my career at Uber.

Review from Admin Dept

At the COE people recruitment is anarchic, meaning people with different profiles doing jobs not aligned with their background. Then one day, it's decided that some agents should get more morning just because they were initialy assigned to an LOB. Same goes with S2 to S4 Specialists, inconsistencies

I am aware of what the market is paying and feel that Uber has not updated their pay ranges since pre-IPO

Review from Sales Dept

Yes, very undervalued after being reached out to by multiple other companies. The base pay is extremely low and is not competitive. The claim "fair market value" is used way too much at Uber.

Review from Sales Dept

Getting paid more, becoming a level 4 employee

Review from Communications Dept

Increase base and evaluate promo soon

Review from HR Dept

other companies pay $40k more than I do at Uber.

Review from HR Dept

Higher base and equity comp

Review from HR Dept

Comp is not as competitive as what it could be. Have seen attrition in my team as a result of this.

Review from Operations Dept

Does not match work hours expectation

salary is below average for region/skill set/role

Review from Operations Dept

In comparison to the rest of the tech team i feel underpaid

Review from HR Dept

The Base salary is low

Review from HR Dept

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437 employees at Uber score their wages and compensation an A on average. As a testament to this, when employees are asked “Do you believe you're paid fairly?”, 68% say Yes. The People & Places department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 97/100, a full 54 pts above the Sales department. If you want detailed data about Uber's wages, see the <a href="https://www.comparably.com/companies/uber/salaries">wage breakdown by department, job titles, locations, and more.</a>

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