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What are some of the best things about your team?

Everyone is a smart ass.

Review from Engineering Dept · Posted 4 hours ago

Manager cares about team's well being from professional and personal aspects. Team members are smart, driven and kind, caring at the same time.

Posted 4 days ago

they're very diverse in many ways

Review from HR Dept · Posted 4 days ago

Diversity, transparency, one goal, teamwork

Review from HR Dept · Posted 4 days ago

Coordination,Cooperation and the willingness to help always.

Review from Finance Dept

people are nice to each other and invested in the work they do

Review from Engineering Dept

Collaborative, always willing to provide support. Senior designers, managers checking in often. Lots of opportunities for feedback

Review from Design Dept

Super smart, talented, passionate and hard-working

Review from Design Dept

My team is large in comparison to other businesses. I like that we try our best to collaborate and engage with each other even though most of us are hundreds of mile away in distance.

Everyone assumes good intent and is willing to help + a very diverse team.

Review from HR Dept

Collaboration Respect Support Diversity in representation Communication Transparency and trust

The team is fun and very supportive

It's casual, easy-going yet always competitive and responsible

Diversity, teamwork, love the people

Review from HR Dept

Personable with each other via Zoom

Partners and supporters ?

Review from Operations Dept

Many talented, smart and collaborative people to work with and also learn from.

Very skilled and experienced people

Review from Engineering Dept

Everyone is super energetic, talented and very approachable.

Every team at Uber is diverse in so many different ways. I enjoy seeing everyone every day - they give me a huge amount of joy!

Review from HR Dept

What do your coworkers need to improve and how could you work together better?

Accountability / Professionalism / Focus / Maturity / Business acumen

there was a hiring spree, so not everyone is at the expected level.

Review from Engineering Dept

More compassion and collaboration are needed.

Review from Communications Dept

Could be more approachable and open

Review from HR Dept

A genuine concern and a common goal is missing

Review from HR Dept

We have processes in place, but not everyone follows them. It seems like it is the same people constantly, however there are no consequences that I can see. There is a huge discrepancy in our numbers, which should be a red flag, but somehow it is not.

Review from HR Dept

They need bigger goals to move forward.

Review from Communications Dept

There is no bar at Uber. You could work with an absolute rockstar or someone who is just skating. Managing up is an issue, and under performance is often ignored by middle management. My team needs more formal training so they can take ownership of their work.

Review from HR Dept

HR needs to be more supportive of the business and employees. They tend to lack compassion and would always direct employees to a corporate knowledge-base or ticketing system whenever they're engaged with HR-related concerns.

Review from HR Dept

Ego and "positioning" plays too large a part in so many of our conversations. Hierarchy gets in the way of clear and honest discussion, and often ideas are represented by others as theirs instead of acknowledging the work of original ideators and teams. I still see gender bias across roles.

Review from HR Dept

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Uber's team score is currently ranked in the Top 5% of similar sized companies on Comparably and placed 1st among its competitors. 88% of Uber employees look forward to interacting with coworkers while 72% believe their company meetings are effective. Among the various teams at Uber, the Marketing department ranks the highest in team score.

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