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Uber Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

The opportunities that are given to me which help me prove myself.

Review from Engineering Dept · Posted 5 hours ago

Project launches, solving real world challenging problems

Review from Engineering Dept · Posted 4 days ago

Healthy challenge work and smart, dedicated coworkers to learn from

Posted 4 days ago

I get to work with people from different teams, countries

Review from HR Dept · Posted 4 days ago

Mission, Core Values, Connecting with candidates

Review from HR Dept · Posted 4 days ago

My role is unique in a good way, I get to work a-lot with the senior leadership/teams and I enjoy it because it provides a great learning opportunity.

Review from Finance Dept

Seeing my co-workers either in person or on zoom and getting their ideas and thoughts on things.

Review from Design Dept

Working with smart people to solve interesting problems

Review from Design Dept

Looking at the impact of my work.

Review from HR Dept

New projects and deliverables Completing my projects successfully Working with a global workforce

Being able to meet others and use my creativity

The camaraderie and the staff

See the impact a lot

Review from HR Dept

Doing good work that makes a difference

I am happy because I am currently working from home where I am productive.

The work itself is exciting and engaging.

Review from Operations Dept

My team and mangers are super supportive and create a great atmosphere

Interacting with people, solving new problem and challenges

The people and the positive vibes!

Review from HR Dept

I never get bored, I have to deal with many stakeholders every day

Review from HR Dept

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Company is big and right hand doesn't know what left hand is doing, sometimes we work at cross purposes, sometimes incentives don't overlap. We should focus less on "building amazing software" and focus more on "solving customer problems as cheaply as possible."

Review from Engineering Dept

Too much work, no downtime to think or process

Review from Operations Dept

Increased manager support to drive better results.

Review from Communications Dept

Communicate role responsibilities and expectations better in the interview process

Review from Finance Dept

A bit too much work to be managed comfortably. We need more people and/or to slow the pace down a bit

Review from Operations Dept

Recognize employees who are doing good work based on merit

Review from HR Dept

My team is not set up for success and is incompetent.

Review from HR Dept

I need new management personally.

Review from Communications Dept

Honestly, just making sure you are taking care of people's performance and that we have clear goals(it does not need to be long term), but actually make something that is logical and connected so we don't feel like we are doing stuff out of the blue.

Review from HR Dept

Middle management needs to listen to individual contributors and award top performers, period.

Review from HR Dept

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