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Workday Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

The genuine and kind people I get to work with.

Review from Marketing Dept · Posted a month ago

Colleagues are great and willing to help

My teammates and our opportunity to create great work that positively impacts people's lives.

Truly everything. Great leadership, wormaktes, future potential, training opportunities, benefits, location options, etc.

The flexibility to do what I need to do in my personal life.

My workmates and my clients

The current WFH situation. I don't want to have to go back to the office.

Doing meaningful work that impacts people

The people, the fair managerd"s, and their constant investment in employees.

Launching good features that customers value.

Review from Product Dept

being successful together as a team

Takes good care of employees

working with my customers and collaborating internally

Work environment, coworkers and daily tasks.

Review from Engineering Dept

Seeing and working with my team

Review from Engineering Dept

interesting work and being given praise

Review from Engineering Dept

Ability to work on innovation with great co-workers

Review from Marketing Dept

I have a level of autonomy I have had in few other places and I am totally able to manage my own direction.

friends at work, the people

Review from Marketing Dept

Metting great customets and colleagues.

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Allocate the budges to hire more headcount.

People need hope that they will move forward. They do not promote from within.

Reorganization drastic and handled poorly, we're still trying to complete it

Review from Operations Dept

What do you like best about your company?

Brand, culture, pay, the work I do.

Culture, core values, fun, people, benefits

Review from Engineering Dept

People are genuine, supportive, and kind

Review from Marketing Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Consider career advancement while employees are working from home and less visible, especially when working hard to hire externally.

Review from Product Dept

Improve the CRM, more options for employee growth.

more collaboration and less but in sit mentality

Review from Engineering Dept

Middle management, overwhelmed with projects and bad timing

Review from Engineering Dept

Clearly defined path to promotion and advancement

Review from Marketing Dept

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Workday's Outlook is scored an A+ by 477 employee ratings based upon answers to questions such as “How confident are you about the future success of your company?” Workday's Outlook score helps to boost their overall culture score, due partly to the fact that the Customer Support department’s positive scores help Outlook to be one of Workday's stronger culture attributes. Use the filters below to understand Workday employee perspectives by Department, Gender, Ethnicity, and Experience. Last updated 6 days ago.

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  • Department - Customer Support
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  • Department - Business Development
  • Department - Sales
  • Ethnicity - Other

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