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T-Mobile Environment Employee Reviews

What is most positive about the culture and environment at your company?

Working with coworkers and the customers

Posted 5 days ago

It creates mistrust and the push politics and ideology onto their employees. Tmobiles culture is cancer.

Posted 7 days ago

T-mobile is all about inclusion for all aspects of life.

Posted 8 days ago

Ethics and Integrity is a sermon well remembered on the floor. No matter how angry or frustrated or customers are, by the end of the call, they are happy, I'm happy, the team is happy, and the company is happy. That is positive reinforcement of our cultural values.

Review from Customer Support Dept · Posted 13 days ago

So many free things and lots of flexibility! Hard to get fired if you show up

Posted 23 days ago

Emphasis on employees and customers. A true people first company.

Review from Sales Dept

Its not positive anymore. Most of is are hurt. Its hard ro kepp composure

No dress code, come in wearing robes and slippers

My colleagues keep me sane. Leadership does not.

Review from Marketing Dept

it's really a joke. they preach all this awesome culture and when it comes down to it only those hired in pure TMO are welcomed and shown great appreciation. If you were part of a merger forget it once a step child always a step child no matter how hard you try to prove your worth/value

The people and how well we work together

There is no urgency forced on the employee unnecessarily

the PTO is great and your direct team is usually great as you spend most of your life with them

DE&I focus and promoting the values in reality

Since merger, employee satisfaction has plummeted. Positivity scarce.

The company is very diverse and has had a focus on diversity and inclusion for quite some time.

Review from Finance Dept

The company culture is good but it gets lost from the executive level to the frontline

Inclusion is big at this company

I'm not sure there's anything positive about the culture at this point

The upper management who have not been able to see what the level of stress and loads/ negative supervisors has done to the people like myself who Shine in a fast paced stressful work environment. This is due to supervisors who state " it must be nice to pick your own schedule when on LOA"

What needs to change to make the company culture better?

The org works in silos, and you constantly feel like you're walking on egg shells. Horrible experience.

Posted 8 days ago

Balance, transparency, motivate, eliminate current toxic environment. Stop trying to cut cost all around and stop pushing employees toward unethical selling practices.

Get a new and better Ceo

Stop pretending to be a technology company, not with how we've recruited, compensate and our processes and old school mindset. Leadership, privileged leadership, does not understand how to be servant leader...No clue.

Review from Product Dept

Build a new company, not the old one in a new environment.

Review from Operations Dept

New leadership at the top

Competent leaders - not someone who has a short history working for FAANG.

Review from Engineering Dept

A change in Exec leadership. Reverse terrible decisions

Replace the head of HR, completely out of touch

hire robots and 1 human

Review from Engineering Dept

Better pay, better work life balance

Review from Engineering Dept

Leadership needs to seriously pay attention to the people below them and remember that they’re people. A c-level whim affects hundreds of people below them and their families. Pay attention to what’s really driving your business an

Review from Marketing Dept

streamline bureaucracy, accelerate review processes, and improve the CRM system

Review from Sales Dept

Human experiences too much unemotional controlled responses

Review from Customer Support Dept

more help and better computer systems that work together

Review from Operations Dept

The traffic is super low here at our Findlay, OH location. So it really feels like what we do in sales doesn’t cover us being able to stay open! Now I do think the training, the scheduling and staff itself was all terrific. But it just really boils down to the lack of traffic for us! Thank you

Review from Sales Dept

Upper management does not know how to treat employees

Review from Sales Dept

Fit the right employees to the demographics in that certain area

Review from Sales Dept

the people around me need to be more happy and positive

Review from Sales Dept

Mid Manager training needs to be mandatory. Still a few who don’t coach their employees

Review from IT Dept

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