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T-Mobile Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

Fixing customer's problems and being fairly compensated for it

Review from Sales Dept · Posted 16 days ago

Having the week enda ofd

Posted 25 days ago

Team events were encouraging to me

Il like what I do and my colleagues are great to work with, very supportive.

Review from Marketing Dept

The people and the culture

Working on challenging projects and working with great colleagues

I enjoy the positive attitude and collaborative nature of my team.

Review from Finance Dept

My direct team and peers

Money is what drives me

Concise and consistent direction, driving efficient work streams to achieve results

Being free to run projects and pursue ideas without heavy handed management.

Review from Engineering Dept

When I get to make a difference and contribute in my company in a real way

Review from Operations Dept

Knowing that I work for a company thats values align with mine

Making customers so satisfied that they not only leave good reviews, come back, and of course recommend us to family and friends

Review from Sales Dept

My coworkers make me the happy

Interacting with my team and helping them achieve their goals

All the people I work with

The people I have the pleasure of serving every day

Review from Sales Dept

Busy days that team is flowing as one.

I get to work from home. That's the only thing that makes me happy. I do enjoy most of my coworkers, but I have always enjoyed my coworkers at any company I have worked.

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Leadership is a complete mess, company has lost all of the great talent that made the company successful and kept all the lazy self entitled and unskilled so called leaders

Posted 17 days ago

Tmobile need separate Employees and a separate Dept not HR to take over the LOA everything and take complaints of discrimination due to agents being on intermittent or continued LOA seriously from either within Tmobile or companies they employee.

We say we're customer and employees centric, but don't really care about either

No way to fix the customer service

We have lost our identity. Sprint has taken over & this will be the next Nextel

Stop being so near term obsessed at the expense of what has fueled the company

All that made us successful has gone.

Everything! Since the Sprint merger it's all gone wrong.

Stops treating your employees like garbage and stop selling customers on false promises

Employees are burned out due to constant change, lack of training and zero formalized process, especially after the merger with sprint. Everything feels like it’s someone else’s job and people shove things off their plate bec

Review from Marketing Dept

In two words, company politics and favoritism.

Everything. I doubt it will be fixed because to my knowledge the management has already given up and plans on just selling my location instead of investing a LITTLE time and effort to fix what could be their lead grossing store.

Review from Sales Dept

Too many cumbersome processes and outdated systems

Review from HR Dept

Personal problems at home make it hard to work long hours.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Pressure from quotas can be hard

Review from Sales Dept

Employees voices are not heard, upper management picks poor Management, sales goals are unrealistic and the increase in store responsibilities with lesser pay

Review from Sales Dept

More opportunity for personal growth

Review from Customer Support Dept

Leadership that knows how to value his/her subordinate

Review from Customer Support Dept

everything needs to start all over again

Review from Customer Support Dept

Many customers are complaining about service, support and everything and between. See Reddit.

What do you like best about your company?

The people, culture and pride in the brand

Review from HR Dept

The best place to work

Review from Product Dept

I like the atmosphere

Review from Customer Support Dept

The atmosphere

Review from Sales Dept

culture, people, success in the market

Review from HR Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

More diversity in the upper ranks and less hierarchy

Review from HR Dept

People not just satisfied with the status quo and over all goals dictating how departments go

The break room

Review from Customer Support Dept

Better management processes and work life balance

Review from Design Dept

hierarchy within my department

Review from HR Dept

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