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Wells Fargo Compensation Employee Reviews

What is the best part about your compensation package?

Directly related to effort extended

Posted 14 days ago

Best compensation in the industry

Posted 15 days ago

bonus, 401K matching, medical and dental

Posted 16 days ago

Fertility benefits, it could be more but I am super grateful

Posted a month ago

Good base salary for the position.

I like that my compensation package is fair. Will be able to judge this after time goes on as far as the level of work and responsibility.

Health benefits, salary and bonus

Nothing great cant really use them

401k match, bonus, st disability

A lot of time off is offered

Review from Marketing Dept

The salary is at or slightly above the market.

Review from Operations Dept

Pay is fair and benefits are good. It is the only reason I stay working here.

Paid time off and 401k

Industry competitive. They are not afraid to pay the right person the right wage

Very gracious with maternity leave

The annual salary makes coping with the bad reputation palatable.

For freshers they will get little less

Paid Time Off is reasonable. Pay could be better.

I have all of the benefits. Health, dental, vision, 401K, PTO, employee discounts, tuition reimbursement, childcare and adoption assistance and maternity leave just to name a few. I love the benefits and I do beleive I am paid fairly.

Everything, I love everything they offer

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

The compensation is low compared to executives. The average employee is right above poverty level while the CEO got a $2 million dollar raise this year.

I wasn’t paid according to my skill

Review from IT Dept

Too much effort for too little recognition

More money. More money. Much higher raises.

Basic yearly cost of living increases there are things outside of Wells Fargo that stop us from not necessarily always meeting their requirements but that doesn't mean that we don't deserve a cost-of-living increase maybe not a bonus but at least a general cost of living

Honestly, just a money thing. It is a good place to work. Raises tend to be between 1-3% per year.

It should pay equal like other vountries like US

It would be nice to earn a living wage and at least get a cost of living increase each year.

I feel under valued because I gave a 100% every day I went in to work regardless how I felt. I would feel valued as a employee and customer if my vice president would of set down and talk with me with the respect I deserved instead of making me leave.that was my years I served the bank not his.

If our benefits and pay went up at the same rate as senior leaders the bank wouldn’t make a profi

Hidden policies insecure relationship with Company

Yes... i feel i work more and get laid less. And im less efficient becuase nearly half my time is spend dealing with internal bureaucracy

Stock options are missing in the role. So are discounted ESOP

Promises were made to the C Suite which meant we had no work/life balance - in order to maintain the facade of meeting deadlines. And we were salaried so no overtime.

Diversity inclusion thats how i feel

My compensation as s financial analyst is significantly lower than my peers'

Workload more than doubled for no additional pay. A solid, hefty raise would be appropriate.

The pay needs to be improved, staffing needs to be addressed, new incentive program needs to be implemented for employees.

There is no culture of recognition and raises dont ever match even the cost of living increases and are difficult to come by due to unfair review practices.

Because execs take it all and there is not enough for lower workers below an exec level

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971 employees at Wells Fargo score their wages and compensation a B on average. As a testament to this, when employees are asked “Do you believe you're paid fairly?”, 63% say Yes. The Finance department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 81/100, a full 20 pts above the Legal department. If you want detailed data about Wells Fargo's wages, see the <a href="https://www.comparably.com/companies/wells-fargo/salaries">wage breakdown by department, job titles, locations, and more.</a>

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