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Wells Fargo Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

Helping people get in to there new homes

Posted 10 days ago

Paid super, best infrastructure, good transport

Posted 16 days ago

My coworkers are helpful and understanding

A lot of challenging work. I'm usually not bored.

Customer interaction, support for team members

They day i get off

Money. Working on projects that will help end customers like accessibility.

My job can be stressful, but it feels like a hobby sometimes because I like it so much

Review from Marketing Dept

Flexibility to work remotely. My coworkers.

Pay and benefits are good.

Nice team lead and a culture of respect

Helping our customers. They trust our recommendations

Working with a strong honest and caring leader that's willing to help of if needed.

The potential of the platform to help clients

Working from home has been the best experience of my professional career. After years of being on call, time away from home, missing kids sporting events, parties and various family functions, telecommuteing has been awesome.

Being left alone to do my job.

Its ridiculously easy to complete the tasks at hand. Laughable even

Meeting and talking to people having a friendly environment

Review from Operations Dept

Challenges and being able to complete projects.

Work environment and good pace

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Corrupt culture that put revenue growth above all else.

Posted 15 days ago

Greedy executives who are there for a shirt term and don't see how embracing development and higher pay would increase net worth in the long haul..

Mgmt crimes against customers but don't make a mistake at lower levels

Paid unfairly amd not traated fairly

Review from Sales Dept

Beurocratic BIASED Diplomatic immunity and negative harmony towards employees

The repuation of the company isnt any better

Staffing shortage resulting in customer impact

Its a bank. They'll find a way to make sales.

Broken. Manual. Toxic. Childish. Outdated.

Review from IT Dept

Too much toil based work, no capability to push back on toil or automate it

Review from IT Dept

My company is rushing to cover up their mistakes. Too little too late. Cuts just occured, Chainsaw Charlie is here and Covid 19 is also. Scary time.

Review from Engineering Dept

Paying staff a better wage and improving the quality of life while in the office

Review from Operations Dept

Everything . The environment is toxic

Review from Admin Dept

This is the worst start I’ve ever had to working for a company and the worst onboarding

Review from Operations Dept

Actually have others work with you and not care about just getting paid.. and getting things done anyway they can

Review from IT Dept

Mostly bad leadership. Too many changes with policies.

Review from Operations Dept

the management, the favoritism, the bullying, and the attitude, they need to make some changes or be good and respectful person at least.

Review from Finance Dept

Discrimination unfair treatment managers telling other people salary’s to other coworkers poor raise amounts hard to move up for hardworking and g

Review from Sales Dept

CEO is conducting mass layoffs and demoting longtime high-performing employees so they'll quit without getting severance. HR department needs to create appropriate non-manager job titles to avoid forcing undeserved demotions.

Review from Sales Dept

Get rid of everyone associated with all the bad stuff that happened and find a way to bring employees to the front and center

What do you like best about your company?

The option to work remotely sometimes.

Review from Operations Dept

Daily work is challenging and interesting.

Review from Sales Dept

Relax Working Environment

Review from Engineering Dept


Review from Finance Dept

Team member experience

training, employee improvement programs


Review from Engineering Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Need new CEO once current one has finished mass layoffs.

Review from Sales Dept

everything needs to be changed

Be more lenient with occurrences.


Review from Finance Dept


Work Culture

Review from Engineering Dept

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