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Wells Fargo Environment Employee Reviews

What is most positive about the culture and environment at your company?

Super vibes from top and bottom

Posted 15 days ago

Warm environment extremely welcoming to all

Posted a month ago

We have a reasonably diverse culture and environment.

Overall way the company treats its employees and contractors

Review from IT Dept

Friendly, positive, helpful, adaptable and resourceful.

Nothing positive all very negitive

Review from Sales Dept

Typically a friendly environment with an effort toward diversity

Leadership in my department is very supportive

Review from Marketing Dept

Leadership is accessible, and willing to listen to feedback.

Co workers but there is no concern from management about morale.

Respect, reasonable pressure under Kanbaan system, good compensation. Nice people

Company is dedicated to making banking with us very easy and much more transparent

We work for a business if ran right it can lead us to a bright future.

Working from home since Covid outbreak.

The daily clients, partnerships with FA, mortgage consultants and management

Changing focus to retan diverse segments of people.

For the most part, my peers are appreciative of collaboration and the work each other does to get the job done.

Teams are quite spread out over different parts of the country (and internationally) and even employees at the same location may work in different buildings. So culture is very localized. I have a very good work culture in my team, but I've heard some horror stories from others.

Review from Finance Dept

Opportunity to learn from customer interaction about finance management

Nothing. It all rush and push these products on hispanics.

What needs to change to make the company culture better?

Better quality management and not requiring meetings for the sake of having meetings; be purposeful.

Posted 14 days ago

Pay better, higher raises. Bonuses.

Hire smart people not workaholic peole

Again better communication and direction other than “we’re cutting everything..,you matter the most, but you’re displaced…you need to live where

Hire or develop leaders that care about their people and not just check things off of a list.

Much much much less bureaucracy

New executive leaders that relate better to the employees

Executives need to stop being yes men and understand that their employees are getting burned out over the amount of work we have to do.

CEO should announce he plans to leave once he finishes mass layoffs so there's at least a light at the end of the tunnel.

Review from Sales Dept

Investment in technology and less investment in employees and contractors who only push papers without true results.

Review from Product Dept

We need more skilled resources to look after the work

Review from IT Dept

GEt rid of diversity and inclusion and all that goes with it

Review from Customer Support Dept

I think maybe a class on communication, how to get along with people who are not the same age or gender as oneself, how to be inclusive and how to properly talk to an individual instead of talking at a person and placing blame on them before they find out the whole story. There are always two sides.

Review from Customer Support Dept

Make meaningful changes, raises, promotions, etc. instead of just the lip service of saying they listen and care about their employees. We have heard the same story for years while very little if anything changes.

Review from Finance Dept

less sale pressure and more encouragement

Review from Sales Dept

Stand up for your employees when they come to for manager/employee issues

Review from Operations Dept

Upper management, the way they treat employees and feedback

Review from Sales Dept

Jerks, they're all jerks. fire the jerks and hire walmart people.

Review from IT Dept

Stop the sales pressure and pay people competitively

Review from Sales Dept

Managers should actually care about employees instead of looking good to their bosses

Review from Finance Dept

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The environment at Wells Fargo is considered positive by 76% of employees and regarded as having an “extremely fast” work pace by 306 employees. Relative to its competitors, Bank of America, Citi, State Street, Bank of China, and Credorax, Wells Fargo's environment score ranks in 1st place. This also puts them in the Top 20% of 1188 similar sized companies (10,000+ Employees) on Comparably and Top 50% of 719 companies in San Francisco.

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