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Morale at The Home Depot

Morale at The Home Depot can be high or low depending on job security, career advancement opportunities, employee recognition for accomplishments and many other facets. The overall morale at The Home Depot flourishes when individual employees receive well deserved recognition; and when asked if they do, 60% of The Home Depot employees said ‘Yes’. On the other hand, morale at The Home Depot can be gravely affected by a sense of security and the office vibe; many The Home Depot employees describe their environment as positive, and feel very secure about their job. Overall The Home Depot's employees rate their happiness a B which can also give some insight into morale at The Home Depot.

Are you typically recognized for the impact and accomplishments you make for your current company?
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How secure do you feel your job is at your company?
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How Well Does The Home Depot Perform at Boosting Morale?

Here are some ways The Home Depot boosts their employee morale: Let your employees know you care about them and their growth: 71% of employees say their manager seems to care about them and 75% receive frequent feedback. Hire people who’ll work well together: 88% of The Home Depot employees look forward to interacting with their coworkers and they consider fun to be important to The Home Depot's success. Cultivate a culture and environment that’ll boost their morale: 38% think the office vibe is engaging and 71% are excited to go to work every day.

Does your manager seem to care about you as a person?
Do you look forward to interacting with your coworkers?
Are you typically excited about going to work each day?
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  • If you could make changes, how would you improve the culture at The Home Depot?
    More diversity , check & balances on ethics in store and all levels of the company , have a friendly welcome feedback Platform for management/ associates on different topics of the company’s core / make up and utilize this information back into the company. Work/ life balances for managers better bonus structure for Managers
    Answered 5 years ago
    job promotions would be performance based, and performance evaluations would be done using MEASURABLE paramaters
    Answered 5 years ago
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