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What makes you most happy at work?

Earlier in my career, I was working as a manager. At an AM level i am still working as a senior but if Supervising Associate role would be more of a people manager that would be really motivating.

Posted 14 days ago

When i log off for the day

Posted 21 days ago

Flexible work schedule and the resources available if you want to learn new skills.

Review from Finance Dept · Posted a month ago

Clocking out at a decent time

The project itself is challenging and interesting

Team engagement fun activities and

Im not happy at all

Day to day challenging tasks

the openness to accept my views and the space to implement them all

Working collectively for the goal

The clients we work with bring the best people together. We are always needed, valued and respected.

When my clients are happy

we are balancing both family and wok

When we can have days off

Flexible work environment and benefits package

Making clients happy with good outcomes

Interacting with my co workers

No work and mor rest

work with talent people and a lot of new things to learn everyday

competitive salary and employee at all times

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Whatever being told to new hires in induction needs to be actually followed by people who work there, it seems the policies are there in the books not in the practice.

Review from Finance Dept

some times not feeling motivated becuase of Internal Politics

Review from IT Dept

By not being so slow paced

Review from Marketing Dept

What's wrong is lack of support, lack of morale, lack of mentorship, lack of quality leadership. Stop hiding behind marketing gimmicks.

Review from Operations Dept

just plain and simple stop outsourcing everyone is afraid to lose their job so its terrible work place

Review from IT Dept

What do you like best about your company?

Makes the investment in training employees

The firm prestige, career growth opportunities and learning

The relationship between management and the employees

Review from Finance Dept

Getting in at the ground level of the next big thing

Flexibility, variety of work, ability to define my own day-to-day

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

Work life balance and increase in salary

Technology improvements, more flexibility and diversity

Less work hours

Review from Finance Dept

Hiring and scaling sustainably

Less politics, more say on types of projects put on

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