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Schneider Electric Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

The access to a high tech envoirnment

Career progression is good ,

good support from manager and my work attitude

Review from Operations Dept

Because i am free to bring in my own ideas and use my skills to accomplish my task. Also, i love the flexibility at my workplace.

Everybody in our company always supportive each other

Environment, facility, flexibility, and positive energy at work.

My fellow hourly employees dedication

success stories i see every day

work conditions safety 5s team work date to date salry e learning and Schneider all trainings

Review from Operations Dept

People I am surrounded by at work and their positive energy.

Review from IT Dept

Work life balance is most best in Schneider electric

My lunch ;) Next to that the conversations.

Full Filling my duty and completely gettin job done

Meeting great people to work and understanding that interpersonal connections are as important as the work you do together.

Review from Operations Dept

Recognitions, Free and flexibility in work, sharing ideas

Team Work is Great energy

My work itself is my passion

Teaching and showing new techniques to our new employees

Review from Product Dept

A great company with a great value proposition that can help and make the world better in terms of energy efficiency

Review from Sales Dept

my team mates who always be there to support

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

Decent products but terrible project delivery and slow factories

Market competing among each other.

Leadership is not straight forward.

Review from Sales Dept

Replace the management from the top

Get rid of top management

I feel abandoned by managers and human resources.

Review from Marketing Dept

Management listening and dealing with situations better instead of trying to what it seems attack people and make people feel bad for being off sick or struggling with work loads

Review from Operations Dept

The leadership needs to get replaced urgently.

Review from Sales Dept

APPRECIATE LOWER LEVEL EMPLOYEES MORE!! Take care of us!! We are the ones who are doing the work!!

Review from Product Dept

I need clear job description as a guidance of my expetations

Review from IT Dept

Things are just fine at my work

Review from Operations Dept

some people think =S= hardware (elecr.on.ic devices) will be sold to a Chineese company or consortium (maybe agreement signed). We are now moving all technical data to Chinees co workers; same for the projects. It has been decided to keep only software (like IBM 30 years ago)

Review from Engineering Dept

What do you like best about your company?

Global position, diversity, energy management leader.

strong company with many opportunities

Review from Sales Dept

Chance to work on exciting projects and constantly learn.

Review from Engineering Dept

Mission of energy technology

Review from Engineering Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

More efficiency, less meetings, better decisions for shareholders.

I dont really know as I am quite happy

Review from Sales Dept

Management, company politics.

Review from Engineering Dept

Less replacement of US workers with foreign workers

Review from Engineering Dept

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